Craziest demon/magic/supernatural stories you heard when you were a JW

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  • AlphaMan

    I remember all the demon BS. JW's are obsessed with demons. I bet demons get mentioned in a KH more than Jesus does. JW's are freakin nuts.

  • kaik

    I heard so many stories that I would not even know where to start. I posted some of them here. I have several favorites from 1980's:

    1. Once I heard that elders met for personal bible study and seated up against wall with a bookshelve. During the prayer, the bookshelve felt on them, scared them sh.tless. When my elder talked about it as an assault of evil demons preventing them from bible studies, I replayed if they made sure that the shelve was secured properly. My elder did not like the remark.
    2. Elder told as on the meeting when he studies bible, his kid's soccer ball started to bounce and annoys him during preparation. Demon wanted to play a soccer and take his valuable time from studies. He said that he would call Jehovah name and this would stop. The guy was always crazy.
    3. Pioneer woman used to see demons faces everywhere, on wood carving, on painting, stains, fabrics, and upholstery. She once recieved a gobelin painting/picture with abstract motif. She believed that Satan was looking at her from that picture and attempted to burn it, but they picture was jumping from the fire and refused to be burned. She had to hold it with poker and insisted that she heard a shrieking sound from the fireplace.
  • stuckinarut2

    Oh yes!!!!

    Heard so any growing up!

    (i like alphmans comment..Witnesses probably talk of demons more than Jesus!")

    I heard of the one where a sister had "demon troubles" and it was tracked back to a $5 note she got as change fom the shops! She buried it, and all was ok!

    As a kid I knew this was crap because of several reasons:

    1) EVERYONE gets money in change each day...should we question all cash now?

    2) Burying it solves demonism? Really? Seriously?

    3) would she have buried a $100 note??? Doubt it!


  • WTWizard

    They are not Demons. Demons will simply do nothing. They are angels, grays and reptilians (and sometimes even draconians) pretending to be Demons, and they usually threaten with harm if you continue. Demons may warn you that you are going on a path that will take you to damnation, but it is angels that are attacking you if it goes that far. They do that hoping you will call on jesus or joke-hova, and then they may stop until next time you slack a bit in serving joke-hova. At which point, you will have problems with the angels again.

  • berrygerry

    Family experience with this is just too sad to relate at present.

    However, knowing a congregation member and friend who committed suicide because of this nonsense is beyond reprehensible.

  • Vidiot

    Barrold Bonds - "Gee it's quite the coincedence that most of these stories are from the 70's and early 80's before everyone had some sort of video recorder."

    Just about all the evangelical Christian religions were suceptible to "satanic panic" at the time.

    I blame disco.

  • b00mslang

    Seems like the 60s and 70s had a lot of used Kevlar® dresses and undies floating around the Goodwills and Salvation Armies.

    My cousin related a story that was related in the experiences at a SoCal Circuit Assembly, in the late 70s, about a family that came home from the meeting and sat down to watch some travelogue on PBS that had some fire-walkers and some native dancing. The story goes that during the dancing portion, a demon proceded to come out the the TV, dancing the same jig, and the room got so hot (after the family evacuated) that they couldn't touch the door handle. They called the BOE and a couple of elders dropped by and wrestled the offending TV away from the wall and, once unplugged, the demon dematerialized.

    Perhaps the elders were wearing some of those Kevlar® duds from a previous, demonic experience?

  • OneEyedJoe

    I think the stupidest I ever heard had to do with a painting owned by a study. The pioneer sister decided this painting was demonic because it was a portrait of a man, and his eyes always followed you as you moved about the room. (Anyone who's taken a 5th grade art class ought to know that this is a common optical illusion employed by many painters, most famously on the mona lisa) So, after the positive identification of the painting as being possessed by demons, she convinced the study that it needed to be burned. They tried to burn it - I guess they were just inept because even after application of accelerants they couldn't get it to burn. They eventually gave up and just put it out with the garbage. Praise jah, the demon infestation (that was invented by a superstitious pioneer) was removed!

  • rebel8

    My mom use to tell us about the little Cupid that was a foot tall that raped a woman over and over until she threw away a necklace that was under the carpet.

    I was going to respond to this thread with the general topic of demon rape. I don't remember anything specific other than demons attacking women in their beds at night. OMG I believed that when I was a child. How preposterous!

    Anyway, your story takes the cake.

    Now for the mechanics of a 12-inch-tall being successfully and repeatedly attacking a full-grown adult is hard to compute. How did he subdue her? With his little arrows?

    Not to mention penis size. This is Cupid, so let's be generous and say it was 4 inches. Even does that even work as a weapon on an adult woman...

    With these demon rape stories, why do none of the women get pregnant? And what would this one give birth to, Cupie dolls?

    The publications used to say it was fornication if you did not call for help and fight back during a rape attempt. Did that happen in these cases? I don't remember any of them claiming to have called out.

  • EndofMysteries

    Lol @ rebel - maybe these stories started because they got caught having some solo fun and out of embarrassment blamed it on demon rape? lol

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