poll, why would you hide it your buisness/job

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  • Apognophos

    Caedes, you've been here a long time, and you still read WTWizard's posts?

    I just want to second (or fifth) the remark about how, once someone finds out you know computers, you've got a big bull's-eye on you from then on. There's a "Dilbert" strip that addresses this subject nicely, though I doubt many of us would have the guts to use this response: http://dilbert.com/strips/comic/2006-02-01/

  • Caedes


    You have me there!

    To be fair my post was not really aimed at WTwizard but to lurkers who might think we all agree with him/her. Most people do ignore WTwizards posts but that could give an unfair impression to anyone who wasn't a regular.

  • Splash

    "Sorry, I only fix stuff for my family nowadays. I found I was spending all my free time doing jobs for others so I just had to stop".

    "I'll put you on the list. I have a queue of people asking me and I already have a full schedule."

    "Drop it round to mine at the weekend and I'll take a look. I'm afraid I had to start charging though, since I was just spending all my time fixing PC's for people."

    "I'm taking a break from fixings PC's. It's all I ever seem to be asked to do."

    "I'll have to examine the contents of your hard drive because some of these problems are caused by what we download from the internet".


  • idiotnomore

    I would never ever treat them any differently than a regular customer. That means no discounts. And definitely get cash up front. JW's are the worst at ripping people off. They always expect something for nothing.

  • sparky1

    "I wonder if the elders suggest that a brother with a landscaping business mow and landscape the KH property" - Blondie

    This is a sore subject with me. There is an INACTIVE (he does not go out in field service but attends most meetings) brother in my old hall that owns a landscaping business. He is INVITED to work on every quick build in the Circuit and does tree work on established Halls for free. It is the same old double standard. If the Jehovahs Witnesses can get something from you for FREE that they can't get from some other source then they don't care what your standing is in the congregation or in the world. Hypocrisy fine tuned and practised as an art!

  • jgnat

    My denomination run an article about the Christian tendency to run away from needy people. The article spoke about boundaries. We are less likely to put ourselves out there if we fear being taken advantage of. The writer suggested setting boundaries right up front, describing what was appropriate to ask for (i.e. no more than one visit a week, when to call and how long). The needy are often grateful for any time, and in my experience, are very respectful of the boundaries.

    With this boundary setting principle, I have been more willing to put myself out in support of others.

    Of course, Witnesses are notorious for ignoring any boundaries at all.

  • Apognophos

    To be fair my post was not really aimed at WTwizard but to lurkers who might think we all agree with him/her.

    Yeah, I hear you.

    "Drop it round to mine at the weekend and I'll take a look. I'm afraid I had to start charging though, since I was just spending all my time fixing PC's for people."

    I've been considering using this one. Specifically I was thinking of casually mentioning it like this: "Oh, sure, I'd be glad to help. My rate is better than most worldly computer technicians." I expect the standard response will be silent shock, and then a decreasing interest in having me come over.

  • Simon

    The interesting thing is how it changes when it comes to spending the congregation's money and doing business with brothers.

    Suddenly, the work will be awarded to "Brother X" (also friends with an elder / building committee member) and you can bet that the price charged will be high, even extortionate. It's how they syphon money out of the system even at local and regional levels.

    When our congregation built a hall they bought seats from 'a company run by a brother'. I remember when they announced the price to pass the resolution everyone in the hall gasped (it was something like 100 GBP per chair) and they had a whole explanation as to why they should buy them from him, how great they were etc... Of course the usual suckups voted for it and it went ahead, people with their arms up wanting to ask questions were conveniently ignored.

    They weren't the most comfortable chairs and I could have walked into any supplier and got a better price on better ones even if I was just buying 5, never mind 100+ of the things !

  • a watcher
    a watcher

    Caedes, what I'm noticing about WTWizard is how he (and others) take Jehovah's name in vain (jokehovian).

    "...Jehovah will not leave the one unpunished who takes up His name in a worthless way." (Exodus 20:7)

  • DwainBowman

    I do repair work, in a small shop. I give the so called friends a price break, if i know they can't afford to pay full price. I have the lowest prices around already. I also have the lowest overhead. There are a few very elderly sister that don't have enough to get by on to start with, i will do the work for free, but then I have done that for many sweet little old ladies. I just love the look on there faces, when I say, oh just bring me some homemade cookies or bread, next time your near!

    Not long ago, this cranky, very hard to like sister with pleanty of money brought her item in for me to repair, I said i have it done in a bit (meaning a day or two) she says, "Oh I can wait!" and just set down! So I took it into my work room, spent an hour and a half, fixing it! I took it back up front and set it down, and was telling her what all i had done, she says, "Good" picks it up and heads for the door! I said, "That will be $75", The look on her face was priceless! She said "But I'm, a sister" i told her, "I have to make a living" You would have thought I pulled a gun on her! She pulled out her wallet, that had a stack of $100 bills! She went home and called an elder!


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