My jw mum threw us out.

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  • Gentledawn

    The CBE is not the Bible. The KJ was written from the scrolls. Read Ec 9:5 in the KJ, or even the NWT.

    Yeah. Because, as JWs, we TOTALLY go to a strangers house and tell em they can look up the scriptures in their own NON-BIBLE.

    And take note: my original reply has a link with ALL english translations of Ecc. 9:6, including both versions of King James:

    Ecclesiastes 9:6 (KJV) | In Context | Whole Chapter

    6 Also their love, and their hatred, and their envy, is now perished; neither have they any more a portion for ever in any thing that is done under the sun.


    Ecclesiastes 9:6 (KJ21 = 21st Century King James Version) | In Context | Whole Chapter

    6 Also their love and their hatred and their envy is now perished; neither have they any more a portion forever in anything that is done under the sun.

  • JWdaughter

    I'm sorry that your mom is this way. I'm glad you and your brother have each other. I am sad for your mom because she ran out on the people that actually loved and cared for her and I doubt that the congregation will pick up the slack.

    I think the newest WTs are scaring JWs off of dealing with anyone not JW. They will get the benefit of their own perfidy, I guess when all the elderly JWs run off their caregivers.

    Very sad. You got out alive and safe though, which is good. Appreciate it.

  • abbasgreta

    Bigmac: My mum lives in Derbyshire. Our elder jw brother lives a couple of streets away from my mother and never even bothered phoning

    her to ask how she was - just handling her pension money. Karl phoned him too to say he now HAD to start taking care of her - we think he may have influenced my mother to

    treat us like she did. He absolutely hates me and was furious the elders allowed me access. He also can't abide Karl mainly due to his 'Head' (Korn) resemblance and rock-band drummer

    lifestyle. I hope my mother gets the help she needs as three months ago she had clinical malnutrition due to a sole diet of whisky and brandy.

    Karl stopped her all-day drinking and she even ended up with rosy cheeks. Now she will be back on a bottle a day. She asks anyone she can to go to the offy.

    Thanks for all your comments guys. Some great advice. I think I saw it all coming but it has still really upset the both of us. We won't be getting involved again. btw Karl is doing fine.

  • Violia

    Does your mother have money that you and your brother might inherit? b/c otherwise I'd file charges against her for beating me with that cane. How old are you and your brother? also keeping the money your brother should have for the attendent fee.

    Your mom sounds like she needs to be sectioned( I believe that is what they call it in your part of the world).

    I have to wonder why you'd put up with this if money or a place to live were not involved.

  • abbasgreta

    Violia: On my very first visit three weeks ago, she was so in need of me (personal care) she actually said, "I've arranged my will fairly

    even though you and my grand-daughters left the truth". That came as a surprise - I know she has donated thousands of pounds

    to the org over the decades.

    She is going to change that now. I really do not care about it.

    If my selfish jw brother has any say, I think she will end up in a council-run care home.

    She had a notion she could go to one of the org-run homes for the aged thinking being a jw for 57 years makes her worthy

    of admission. When I mentioned a few years ago a bottle of brandy would probably have to last her 6 months she

    soon changed her mind. As for the beating episode my brother just said to her "You can hit me again mum, but I

    have never struck a woman in my life, let alone you". Pressing charges wouldn't really achieve anything worthwhile.

    He needs closure as her treatment of him was the final straw.

  • BluesBrother

    Sorry to hear of your sad experiences....I hope your bro is feeling a little better now.

    You do not say how old your mother is, or what physical and mental illnesses she suffers from. One thing I learned very early in my dealings with the "sisters" was that old women are still old women , no matter what kind of J W status they have. It is very common for elderly women suffering , late in life, to be crabby, rude and downright objectionable. This is made all the more easy if they have the judgemental teachings and stereotypical opinions that the WTS places in their minds.

    I hope that you will be able to remember happier days as a family and that they are what will stay in your mind when she is gone.

  • abbasgreta

    Blues: She's 84. Has been dependent on alcohol for decades. She is still quite sharp minded but I have to say she was crabby, rude and downright objectionable

    ever since I can remember. I could relate lots of stuff especially with relation to her siblings who refused to speak to her for years over a family financial

    matter. We had a very poor mother/daughter relationship, she never could say outright, I love you for example. She took no motherly

    pride in her little girl and kept me quite unkempt. At 5 I started school. She walked with me the first day and that was it.

    At that age I had to get myself up and do my hair and have a slice of bread before walking the 20 mins

    to school alone. At 11 I was washing my own school clothes. Only when I was 32 did she confess that when I was growing up

    she was extremely jealous of me as my Dad doted on me so much and she could not forgive me for that (Not exactly my fault.) I made up for it all

    by treating my own two daughters like princesses! I've always believed my mother had a personality flaw and couldn't help herself.

    Dad died in 1975 aged 48.

    She expected to be reunited with him before the decade was out. She thinks the big A might come on 4th October. Pathetic really.

    I've never been bitter about my childhood and swept it under the carpet. But a lousy childhood and cult life combined could have screwed

    me up, but it thankfully hasn't. She always doted on her eldest son and also Karl as he was born in their Silver wedding anniversary year.

    My older brother really did give him a beating at 15 when he refused to go to the K H any more. But he reported it at school and Social Services

    were called and he was put into the care of a foster family for a year. But yet his relationship with his mum was restored and maintained

    until this tragic latest (and final) episode.

  • kaik

    Sad story. This is not only problem for JW, as such situations happens many families, but the organization increases bad straits and they seldom get reparied.

  • scary21

    So many sad stories to do with elderly JW's. My mom never thought she would get old in this system, and when she did she also thought her loving brothers and sisters would help her out. What a joke.

    Only one sister would take her to the store but her JW husband put a stop to that,and the elders backed him up. Your mom just may find out she has no one ,and has burned all her bridges.

    I have to confess I like it when they have to face the COLD HARD FACTS . If they have family ( even demonized children lol ) It's all on the childern to help their elderly parents. Even if those parents haven't spoke to those children for decades. Or the children live 1200 miles away ( me ) Is that not crazy ????

    You and your brother have went above and beyond the call of duty..........hugs to you both...


  • bigmac

    greta--i would just get your mother sectioned.

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