My jw mum threw us out.

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  • KateWild

    You and your brother have done your best from what you say. How any parent can respond in the way you have said is purely unbelievable....but it happens everywhere.

    It's such a shame your relationship has come to this. Families should be more resilient and stronger, but sadly JW families are fragile and subject to the GB.

    Kate xx

  • quellycatface

    That is heartbreaking. Thank goodness you were around to pick up the pieces for your brother. He sounds like a saint!!! He can hold his head up and say he tried his hardest and put your mother first. Not many of us would do it.

    She sounds similar to my mother. . Remember she is an alcoholic and a Jehovah's witness - a truly frightening combination. Don't blame yourselves for how things turned out. You've done more than a lot of kids would have, in the situation.

    Take care. Let us know how it works out.

  • Gentledawn

    JWs (and other religions) foist their interpretations as hard fact. The real fact is that an interpretation is just that. Quoting Ecclesiastes 9:5 doesn't prove anything about the state of the dead. But 9:6 sure does show that they have no part "forever" in what takes place under the sun. Doesn't that negate the whole "live forever/ressurection on a paradise earth" myth?

    Ecclesiastes 9:6 (CEB version) | In Context | Whole Chapter

    6 Their love and their hate, as well as their zeal, are already long gone. They will never again have a stake in all that happens under the sun.

    I don't know what's worse: finding out that you've been living under the edicts of a blatant cult or coming to a site like this with buttholes blatantly trying to recruit people who are newly/nearly liberated from it, too.

    On point to the OP: if this is the UK, the Watchtower has come under scrutiny by the Charities commision for its crappy policies regarding the horrendous treatment of victims of pedophilia and rape. That commision needs to take a closer look at the internal workings of this whole watchtower "system of things". The fact that elders (not just in the UK, but here in the USA, too) pass the buck to the immediate family members is very telling (there are recent articles that state as much, too). The fact they have no infrastructure, no devoted charitable funds division ("world wide work" is done by an all-volunteer slave army. All buildings are funded by local congs, so no money drawn from "www" for that, either), no buildings devoted to homeless shelters, or single parents, or women and children who need shelter from an abusive mate, no disaster relief shelters or infrastructure, dedicated funds, what-not... etc, etc. The list goes on.

    To think that your mum would be such a witch to the people who have physically cared for her, when the elders probably are/were encouraging her to "make a stand for jehovah", and then do f-all (nothing) for her before and after the fact. Yeah, that's the watchtower mentality alright.

    So much Officer Doofy inside the leadership, yet they hold their followers in total mental thrall.

  • jgnat

    Concentrate on taking care of your brother. Some people you can't save from themselves. I, too lost my mother a long time ago (mean narcicisst, not a JW) and my grief was well done by the time she passed.

  • Legacy


    She's expecting the friends in the congregation to come see about her...NOT...Some elderly whether JW or not, are mean spirited. Being ill doesn't makes it more noticeble. A friend of mine has 14 brothers & sisters....15 in all...& only my friend helped her Mom & Dad when they got sick. They have died since, but not one helped. Yet, the Mom would treat my friend mean, finally, she made my friend cry & she told her Mom, she wasn't ever coming back to the hospital to visit her she was leaving the room & walking down the corridor, her Mom said in a loud voice..."Don't leave, I'm sorry"...Why the sick & elderly do this, I don't know. But we never know what type of elderly person we'll turn out to be....As long as you did your best, Jehovah sees the heart...of all believers not just JW's...God is not partial, but Man is...


  • SafeAtHome

    You and your brother sound like truly good, caring children, but you can only do so much and now you are done. You can walk away with a clear conscience. You mention she is alcohol dependent. Well, if the elders know that I doubt any help will be forth coming from her congregation. I would not be surprised if you get a call from her asking for help again. How you respond is up to you, you need not feel any guilt either way, no one would blame you if you choose not to involve yourselves in her toxic abuse again!

  • Scully

    It's time for the Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses™ to put their money where their mouth is, and show your mother exactly how Loving™ they really are (NOT!). I reckon she'll be in for some disappointment, but it was her wish that you leave her home after nursing her back to health, and you have to abide by her wishes. It's sad and terrible the way your family has been torn apart, but she will have to realize that there are consequences to her actions.

  • JosephP

    The CBE is not the Bible. The KJ was written from the scrolls. Read Ec 9:5 in the KJ, or even the NWT.

  • clarity

    Dear Abba & your Dear Brother, so sorry this

    has happened to you both. Take very good care

    of one another.

    This farcical religion has ruined the wholesome

    atmosphere that should exist in families.

    They have stolen loyalties that would have

    naturally existed between family & friends...

    and sucked it all up ......for themselves!

    Watchtower leaders should all be arrested

    and thrown in jail ... for keeps this time!


    My heart goes out to you both and to all

    those suffering under this rule of buffoons

    and all their made-up "laws"!


  • Pinku

    yadda yadda 2

    What a superb advice: "Focus your energies and love on those who appreciate it."

    I love it!!!

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