I'm out- Random thoughts on leaving as I look in the rear view mirror

by Skinnedsheep 32 Replies latest jw friends

  • DesirousOfChange

    I love that expression: looking in the rearview mirror.

    Yep, it's great when you can get to the point that the BS is all behind you.

    Now "step on it" and get on to enjoying life.


    Living a happy and prosperous life is the greatest revenge.

  • jws

    These are the same people that will go to all ends to talk to someone who doesn’t share their faith in the hope of convincing them to join. I find it incredibly ironic.

    So true. Any successsful business knows you not only have to drum up new business to grow, you also have to keep the customers you have loyal and happy.

    But there's a stigma and fear if you've gone apostate that they will be infected too. Funny how they can go door to door and face all kinds of people with beliefs different from their own, but are scared when those people are intimately familiar with their own beliefs.

    Same thing for dsisfellowshipped people. How is a JW who smokes or fornicates going to infect you? But it's OK to go door to door and talk to all kinds of people who smoke, do drugs, have unmarried sex, etc.

  • steve2

    Powerful observations skinnedsheep. Yes, the Witnesses automatically 'fill in the gaps' when it comes to negatively judging others, including those who quietly stop going to meetings. Yet these very same Witnesses will be very generous in being conveniently blind to their own behavior and make all sorts of allowances for the questionable things they do.

  • Phizzy

    Thanks so much for your uplifting story, it has been the same expereince for many here, including me and Mrs Phizzy, very similar. For many the journey is harder than it was for us,sadly.

    But, it is always worth it, life away from JW.Org is so much better, and the further the Org fades in to the rear view mirror, and then they are eventually around many corners, the better life gets, and personal peace, happiness and fulfillment all improve immensely.

    May you and yours continue to prosper and enjoy this wonderful life !

  • zeb

    The line about looking for the bad in people... and then making it up" is atypical of tiny towns with tiny minds that have little else to occupy them. What is the jw movement but a tiny town?

  • XkhanX

    Fully agree. It's scary at first but very sweet thereafter.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    "Witnesses look for the worst in people, and when it isn’t there, they make it up." Exactly!!!

    The alternative for them is too unbearable & horrific to even consider for a split second, namely, that there is something positively corrupt about JW.ORG! That would mean the "end of life as we know it Jim!"

    I'm just preparing for requests from my new Elders for a "shepherding call" as a result of zero service & missing meetings! They will receive a polite rebuff & refusal which they'll just have to accept, but not an explanation - after which we expect the pariah treatment. As we don't know ANY of the cong, who cares? They're all total strangers to us!

    Isn't "true" Christianity in practice something to behold?

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    As a elder who step down and just walked away I understand where you coming from. I don't know if you are a born-in or not but I found as a born-in doing charitable work and other outside interest was all new to me and in many ways it gave me a feeling of freedom for the first time in my life. Enjoy that feeling. Good luck to you on your education you are taking. So happy for you. Still Totally ADD

  • LisaRose

    You have done very well, it's great to read of someone being able to just walk away like that, especially with your whole family.

  • caroline77

    It is so nice to drop the phobia of how worldly people will corrupt you.

    They can't feel very strong in their faith if they think they can be corrupted by talking to people.

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