Reverse Shunning

by exwhyzee 38 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • SpeedRacer

    Most Excellent! I applaud you my good man.


  • Zoos

    Very cool!

  • carla
  • cha ching
    cha ching

    I have been going thru this same subject in my mind every day...

    "What will I say?" "What should I say?"

    I like your idea, and the fact that you rehearsed it so that it would be seamless. When I am caught off guard, I tend to get a bit dramatic...

    I want to be logical, in control, happy, decisive. I want to walk away and feel as if I did the best thing possible, I want to prick their conscience if they have any soul or humanity left.

    Thx for your post, it really does do a lot of good to help others to "explore new ideas, to go above and beyond"

    cha ching!

  • clarity

    Hey eyz....just saw your terrific post!!! A fine example

    of taking care of business. ha ha luv it!

    It does take a few years out, to clear your mind of 'them'

    calling all the shots. Congratulations for taking control of

    how you wanted that conversation to go... it feels so edifying.


  • flipper

    EXWHYZEE- I'm really proud of you man. Isn't it empowering and really frees your soul to do and say what you did ? Not only that it's like throwing 100 pounds worth of bricks off of our backs. That heavy weight that we all used to carry around on our backs and in our souls called - FEAR . You did a really brave thing by being upfront and open with these JW's and you never know- one of them might someday start to think about what you said and it may get them to start researching on the Internet ! You are the man buddy! Great job. I've had similar experiences as well. Take care, say " hi " to your wife for me and Mrs. Flipper

  • OnTheWayOut

    This new forum led me right to your thread here via "related" stuff.  No matter which way you look at these threads, you can often miss the most awesome stuff.  Your thread here is among the most awesome- telling them how you need to shun/avoid them.  CLASSIC!

    Such things do tend to lift a burden from us.  Many of my wife's friends have not been jerks, so I wouldn't "reverse-shun" them.  But there are so many that would deserve a verbal whipping like you dosed out for these Home Depot "friends."  I may one day follow your lead and tell one of them that they weren't there for me and didn't check on me so I can't in good conscience pretend I am fine with chit-chat until they apologize. 

  • truthseekeriam
    What a great story! Love it!!
  • joe134cd
    The R & F need to hear more things like this. I'm glad you let them know. 

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