Reverse Shunning

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  • stuckinarut2

    Witnesses really think that they have the upper hand when they see a df person!

    They act as if they get the right to choose to (or not) to greet the df one...

    I say, turn it around indeed! It's up to EACH person, as to whether they choose to greet the witnesses! Take back the control of the situation, don't give them the power over you.

  • sunny23

    I like it! I'm still trying to figure out how to act around JW's who recognize me. Depends on who it is and my mood as to what I say to them if anything at all. I've stopped trying to avoid them. The ones who smile and say Hi I don't mind, it's the ones who are at my place of work or at the store who make eye contact and then give a cold shoulder that I sometimes like to go up to and see how much they will converse before it becomes me talking at them about the weather or recent events or they walk away.

  • 3rdgen

    After meeting you and the Mrs and your other son this summer we were impressed with what an incredibly lovely family you are inside and out. How the dubs could treat you the way they did astounds me. How great is it that you took control of the situation and directed it the way YOU wanted! soooo glad Mrs Ex saw the humor in the whole thing! That means you're both putting the worst behind. Yeah!!!

  • hamsterbait

    Why did they DF your son? Even so cancer should override shunning.

  • Bruja-del-Sol

    What a great uplifting story, an example for all of us in how to take your dignity back and let them be the underdog. Well done!

  • Balaamsass2
  • Finkelstein

    Good one exwhyzee

    JWs are are in effect mental slaves for the organization (WTS), they express conditional love and compassion for only accepted members.

    Realistically why not ? for non-members or members who show spiritual weakness of are to be killed soon by the hand of god.'

    Yes that includes all innocent children living on earth.

    Spiritually weak by Satan and his wicked evil forces noless.


    Most JWs know themselves if they step out of the organization they will ostracized themselves by the people who they have made bonding social

    friendships within their congregation., as well any of their own family if there are.

  • Dagney

    Well done XYZ! You took control of the situation, nothing confuses a JW more I have found. They expect us to be contrite and to cower in their presence...which is how they are told to be if they are found to be "wrong doing." Instead, you are confident, happy, doing well, and told them where they were wrong. Ha!

    Excellent...and I bet you feel great! And I bet they will be thinking about this encounter for a loooong while to come. Hugs to Mrs. XYZ

  • 3rdgen

    Ex, you asked if anyone at the boss's party could relate to your experience at Home D the answer is: Of course NOT!!! (unless they too, have left a cult) This is why this site is so important to us. We can share our JW experiences and situations knowing most posters totally "get it". Not only do we get it but we find yours inspiring. It made the Ass and me discuss what we would say and do if we ran into various people. We named names of who we would loooove to shun the way you did.

  • RagingBull

    Good times indeed. I'm sure the JWs must've claimed how tight Satan's grip must be on you to have talked down on you. Then as they continued their boring evening, eating a boring meal...they prepared to get up early and continue their boring life by attending a meeting or going out in boring ass field service. LOL Stuck in a RUT

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