1200 requests for bible study a day

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  • Terry

    A year= 365 days @ 1,200 requests per day = 438,000 (roughly half a million) Bible study queries a year.

    That should convert into:

    1. Being contacted by a JW sent to their door.

    2. A presentation of Paradise vs Armageddon

    3. Questions and double-talk answers (flip-flip-flipping the onion skin NWT)

    4. Setting up a day for study.

    5. The first study.

    6. Intervention by one of us apostates who clue the householder what to ask.

    7. Follow up for next study and sudden intelligent interrogation.

    8. Lame blame gaming (Who have you been talking to?)

    9. Lying and making excuses for past false prophecy

    10. Breaking off of the study because it is obvious JW's are very prickly about being exposed.

    There, that should do it!

  • Crazyguy

    Their so full of lies, its the same as the experiences they toot during an assembly, complete bull most of the time. Wasnt there someone here on this forum that requested a study on their website and never heard back from anyone?.

  • Terry

    Can you just visualize Jesus with a big statistics chart, tabulating return visits and scrolls placed?

    Ha ha ha--so donkey-headed and ignorant.

    JW's have re-invented Christianity as though it were a merchandizing scheme.

  • Separation of Powers
    Separation of Powers

    Yeah, its probably true. There are a lot of people out there looking for answers and the simplicity of the website and their "public" message is really attractive. the introductory video that was part of their pamphlet campaign JW.ORG blitzkreig was impressive. The resurrection video plays the heartstrings, so in a moment of emotion...people will request a study.

    Now, realistically, out of those 1200, about half are probably phony, disgruntled sorts that just want to wreack havoc on the website. I would imagine that there are some on this forum that have done so. Out of the other half, the majority are probably never even contacted by some witness cause they live in some remote area where they are not readily accessible. The other portion, those who are finally contacted and begin to study give it up shortly thereafter cause they realize that the "public" message is oh so different from the cultish one.

  • Dagney

    Actually, you can't ever trust the WBTS stats. They never have and never will present the actual numbers. I knew somebody in the Service Department who confirmed this, and to them it wasn't a bad thing...it's just how they report!

    For one, publishing hours are now deluded with RBC work probably up to 50% of the numbers reported, (to the delight of many in the hall). That is just the obvious one everybody knows about.

  • LogCon

    1200 requests a day?

    ... Not 1196 ...

    ... not 1232 ...


    1200 even.


    That doesn't happen very often.

    Such an exact number.

  • Aunt Fancy
    Aunt Fancy

    How many demonstrations did they do on how to start a door step bible study? They would go out and read out of the book they were offering and call that a bible study and yet how many of those they classified as a bible study did they get back in contact for the second one? Very few. I would never believe the numbers they are giving out because I will bet most won't answer their doors or phones when they call on them. If they were having such success they would be bringing in a large amount of people and they are not.

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