1200 requests for bible study a day

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  • Gustv Cintrn
    Gustv Cintrn


    Islam and Evangelicals?! Huh?!

    Now, wait a minute.....

    Another black eye for the Org's predictions! I hate this!



    GC is just stirring the pot. Ignore and do not feed...


  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble

    Well then I don't know where the CO got his figures, perhaps they were more local. 50k BS requests each day totals over 18M a year through the website alone. Seems a bit high to me, but if you say so.

  • Beautiful Dreamer
    Beautiful Dreamer

    Heard the requests were @3500+ per month.

  • kairos

    No chance.

    I was "listening in" on the phone as my still in wife was.

    They said "3200" for the campaign as an announcement.

  • steve2

    Numbers are flying thick and fast. Some need to read posts with greater concentration and then quote them accurately.

    The post above stated 50,000 requests for Biblevstudies between May 2013 and May 2014 not, as a later post claimed, 50,000 per day. Focus, number crunchers, focus.

  • punkofnice

    Wow. At this exponential rate the whole Earth will be 'studying(TM)'.


  • berrygerry

    Since the metropolitan and university witnessing booths started, I was impressed with the volume of literature, interested ones, returning ones, other assembly-part-worthy experiences, etc.

    However, I kept wondering where all the "bums in the seats" were with all of this hyper-activity.

  • Phizzy

    Good point Berrygerry, I would love to have the figures for the average Meeting attendance in my local K.Halls, Four congregations in all, and see how these leap up over the next year or two. ??

    The trouble is, I have no way of getting the figures. But "bums on seats" over the whole year, then the whole decade, is a great guide to any real growth.

  • Dis-Member


    Is that all?

    To org folk those numbers may seem like something to shout about. Until you peel off the WT blinkers and step out into the real world.

    Here's some real world numbers to think about.

    EMINEM has 94,398,773 individual people following his face book page..

    Rhiana: 85,001,512

    Shakira: 81,096,090

    Christiano Ronaldo: 72,775,745

    Lady Gaga: 67,374,921

    Just the 5 individual above have almost 400 million individual fans between them.

    Even the Simpsons which is a cartoon for goodness sake has ten times more followers at 70,045,642 in 25 years than the Org has in 130.

    Roughly 3,703,064,798 people on this planet believe in a God. Only 7 million of that number claim to believe in the God as taught by the Jehovah's Witnesses. What does that say?

    So, apart from having the status of published the most unread copies of any magazine in history (I wonder what environmental damage this cost in terms of trees..) the Org and it's boastful census I mean stat keeping is merely an inaudible blip in the numbers game.

    One crummy Christmas pop song by a hot chick in a short skirt can generate greater stats in a weekend.

    I feel so many here are just paying this org all way too much importance.

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