1200 requests for bible study a day

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  • purrpurr

    Apparently the .org site is getting 1200 bible study requests per day. Well that's what they claim anyway. Dos anyone think this is true?

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    Links please.

  • purrpurr

    I don't have any links this is just what I've been told today

  • Balaamsass2

    lol- I think I will fill out some Bible study request forms with fresh ISPs. LULU at the Mustang ranch (Nevada Bordello) wants a bible study. humm....who else might want a bible study........


    Your local phone book is a great source of requests for Bible Studies. Be sure to include the addresses of your local churches, businesses, taverns, strip clubs, adult stores, etc. The more JW resources we can waste, the better.

  • galaxie

    Ok ., so 1200 using the bible as a biased reference point to study watchtower literature.

    If anyone falls for that con' they deserve their so called bible study.

  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble

    The acurate statement is that during the first 5 days of August (tract month) 1200 requests came in. In the six months prior, only 3200 came in. The JW.org tract is thus a success.

    So in effect 240 requests globally at the peak. And these are just leads, not actual studies. Perhaps some trolling too.

  • Gustv Cintrn
    Gustv Cintrn

    These numbers are probably a hoax played on the Org. The territory my cong covers is burnt out! The same is heard of all other surrounding territories.

    Perhaps the numbers come from countries abroad. I doubt if these are real USA numbers.

    Then again, provided we are the true religion livind at the end of this system, as the Org claims, the Bible does say that God will increase his earthly organization in numbers towards the days of the end. Could this be evidence of a prophecy coming true?



  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    GUSTV - Islam and evangelicals are increasing faster than JW's. Wonder what that means in JW-speak?

  • insidetheKH

    @designer stubble your stats are messed up. I visited Bethel Brooklyn and Patterson in July. Between may 2013 and may 2014 there were over 50,000 requests for a bible study. I even made a picture of those JW.ORG stats

    During august 2014 the number of people asking for a biblestudy tripled and on some days quadrupled

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