Watch Tower Society holds GOVERNMENT SHARES!

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  • raymond frantz
    raymond frantz

    If they hadn't set themselves up like Jehovah's only channel of communication your commends would make sense Gustv Cintrn. Since this not the case they should expect thorough examination and criticism according to the standards they set judging other religions like the Catholic Church .

  • suavojr

    Gustv Cintrn has a point when he says that the average JW does not care, but he fails to explain that it is because they are too afraid to see the truth.

    Also, this does not mean that the WT/JW.ORG gets a pass just because most people still believe.

  • flipper

    GUSTV- Your view of what you consider " reality " is skewed. You obviously do NOT have ethics or any moral compass in which you make all kinds of excuses for a criminal organization like the WT Society. So I'll assume you have some kind of vested interest in observing the WT Society stay afloat financially. No matter what tactics they use. Excuses are only good for those who make em'

  • StarTrekAngel

    While I share the opinion of the majority here, I do understand where Gustv comes from. I am in a hispanic community and I am hispanic myself. While nothing justifies what is being done, it is true that you can not bring this up as an issue to someone who do not understand the implications. This does not necesarily applies to an etnicity in particular but just so happens that it applies to most hispanics in a sense. I don't think Gustv meant to say all hispanics were careless. Most younger kids, specially those to be the first or second generation born in the US, have a much higer level of education than that of their parent or their grand parents. Their parents and grandparents, at the same time, are the ones that are currently in charge of running the KH they attend. Since most of the growth of the org is coming from inside, it add to the equation. It has been my experience as a hispanic that no one in your house would consider your intelligence, even if you went to college. For the life of me, my mom never allowed me to mess with the sound system of our car, despite having a working knowledge of it. She could brag about my academic achievements to others, but then not allow me to flip the light switch, afraid I was going to cause a fire.

    While I like to re iterate that I strongly oppose the hipcrisy of the watchtower, I also understand by experience that not one issue will bring the same weight to everyone. What makes a person sick regarding childe abuse, can make another peson shrug off and walk away. Sounds crazy but with so much desinformation within the congs it is easy to dismiss the subjects. While we are all very familiar with the details of the hallmark cases against the watchtower, many will give you the common answer "we don't know all the details". In the most conservative of hispanic communities, people would never, ever allow their children to spend too much time with strangers, even if they are JWs or even realtives. You bring up a Candance Conti to them and they would tell you that the parents are at fault. They are not careless about child abuse, it is just that they feel they got it under control and so, just as you all here, feel that everyone should think the same way.

    If you keep up with the news, you realize sometimes how crazy, for example, wars are. One journalist would tell you how many targets were attacked against ISIS and make sound like victory, another journalists would tell you how economically inefficitent it is to destroy a $500 dollar vechicle with a million dollar missile.

    You just can't use the same amunition for everything. This also applies to theocratic warfare, from both sides of the war.

  • noahwayforreals

    To me this is a very clear cut issue with an obvious answer...

    As a child, I remember owning some He-Man toys (loved Skeletor, and all the bad guys), but once my mom found out what they were and all their little evil details, she made me throw them away. My best friend would have loved to have had them, and I asked her if I could just give them to him (cause then I could at least play with them when I was at his house), but she said very emphatically - NO! Why would we give a toy that was created by Satan to a person we consider to be a friend? I understood her point and we threw them out. (Yes, I'm afraid that horrible cartoon with the boy and the wizard toy is somehow based on an instance in my life... WT actual F!!!).

    Fast forward a few years, and I'm in high school. I earned a performing arts scholarship to attend college. My mom and dad give me the old song and dance about how the end is coming and that I need to focus on Jehovah and blah blah blah. My dad also says "We want to follow the direction of the society, and never involve ourselves in things that could either cause ourselves, or more importantly others in the congregation to stumble. I fought them on this one a bit, but eventually conceded because I'm a good JW.

    Fast forward a few years, and I'm working (check that, struggling to stay employed). I had taken a job working for a very small company in their warehouse (not what I usually did), so that I could spend more time at home, and make meetings and service regularly. I get a call one day from a headhunter that ran across my resume on Monster, and he has a great job for me working for a company that developed something (I honestly cannot remember anymore, but it was something like a chip for their satellite phones), for the military. I would not be personally involved with making those items, but rather managing their HR department. Because of the military ties, I start having guilty feelings about it and go to a brother I respected and also talked to my dad about it. Both give the same answer... We cannot have any ties to the military or government in our daily activities, nor should we be profiting from it either. I was read a scripture about touching the unclean thing and a few others with a similar point, I was shown articles and JW books that touched on the subject, and the point was well made... that being that I simply CANNOT take the job if I don't want to risk losing favor with Jehovah!

    Why do I share these things??? Well, if I couldn't own a Skeletor doll, attend college because of the "entertainment" factor, or even take a job to support my family because of the military ties, then how is this in any way acceptable? We are told over and over how horrible the government is, how bad being a part of the military is, and how we MUST remain separate if we want to retain Jehovah's favor. If we can't even pass a harmless doll from one child to the next, then how is a gift with military ties given to them from a member/s by which they are also profiting heavily from (remember I couldn't even support my family doing the same thing), not the height of hypocrisy?!!!? This guy says it really doesn't matter. I say that if I can't touch it, than neither can you! Anything less is a double standard and is completely unacceptable.

  • blondie

    Just to ask a question:

    Can jws (WTS) buy and hold US savings bonds, and Treasury bonds, bills, notes?

    Fannie Maes and Ginnie Maes?

    I can understand not buying those that are directly connected to military endeavors.

    Or is this one of those questions that are more than the Title Question?

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