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  • individuals wife
    individuals wife

    Emailed your our location - put us well on truly on the map! Yet another couple from the S. West!

  • KenUK

    Chatteris - not sure you can find this on a UK map!

    About middway between Peterborough and Cambridge...

  • Cappuccino OC
    Cappuccino OC

    Hey how about starting a map of the US with our screen names? Would you help?

  • ballistic

    Oveja, I'm doing this one in real time. When people email me or post, their name goes straight on. I would like to do the US aswell, but don't think I could manage it alongside this one. Just give me say a month on this to give everyone in the UK a chance to see it and get added. Then I'll take on the US, that is unless anybody else wishes to take up the challenge first.

  • Blackcat

    Co. Durham here , no-one local ??

  • nicolaou

    Holy crap ballistic, which cong' are/were you in?
    email me man


  • meat pie
    meat pie

    Hey BlackCat, I have been to Crook ( yes you lot that is a real place)KH, when visiting relatives, and I went awol and went to Newcastle arena instead of Perth for the district convention, told others how much better it was and nearly started a mass exodus.We had a talk about not going to other assemblies without permission! Y ,I.

  • ballistic

    I've just mailed you nicolaou. I can't reveal who AnonJW is in your home town as I promised the person I would keep it confidential. However I emailed them to tell them to email you. You could be going for a beer tonight with other JWD members!!!

    This just shows, even if you don't want to be named on here, you can still end up finding out who's in your area by being added as anon.

  • ballistic

    OK, it's looking really cool. Some of you are emailing me so this post will not necessarily get bumped to the top as the map gets updated. But I do need more of you!

  • anglise

    This is a really good idea B.
    Come on there must be lots more of us.


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