w14 12/15-E Study Edition

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  • wifibandit

    Thanks millie210.

    Oubliette, thank you for your pointers. I really didn't mean to do anything bad.

  • Oubliette

    WFB, you're welcome.

    I don't think anyone attributed bad motives to you.

    We're just giving you some friendly advice.

    I'm sure your intentions are all good.

    By the way, welcome to the forum!


  • prologos

    Thank you, I need a paper copy at my old age to get any grip on what ails them.

    I liked the Surfboard scene on the cover, a novel a-symmetrical board, perhaps one for ones like me that are stuck in a hanging -to -the -right stance?

    and what is so funny that these people found in that book, on page 22?

  • WTWizard

    The whole rag is on the jokehovian site, and is full of communist rubbish. Appreciate what you got? Nothing--stifling expression of things that are just as important as "spirituality" is not worth receiving. The human soul has 7 basic needs--basic security, sex, material things, compassion, communication, psychic ability, and communication with the Gods and Goddesses. How many of those does the washtowel encourage? Or, do they merely focus on communication with the gods (the enemy gods at that) at the expense of the other 6? At best, this is like opening a super highway on the last leg of a trip while closing the first 6/7 of the road altogether. And, if you do it their way, that last segment of highway leads to damnation instead of salvation.

    I also agree that is risky to post whole rags on this, or any, public forum. The main risk is that the washtowel can sue you for an amount that could pay for its expansion of damnation through the world, and you could effectively be financially enslaved to them. While it is nice to see it printed here, it is not worth risking having to pay, in silver, a fortune to the Worldwide Damnation Fund because they feel like suing you for copyright infringement.

  • sarahsmile

    Pierce on page 3! Amazing how he knew the way and qouted the basic scripture all churches use as proof for heavenly hope. It is like he carried his beliefs from another church and never gave it up!

    In the past any JW who qouted that scripture as "knowing the way" as proof of a heavenly hope would be frowned upon. Many,partakers were interrogated yearly by overseers and elders. A good friend stated the 144,000 would get together for after parties. After overseer interogated "us" party.

    I just found it odd.

    All the other articles are nothing but warning members! Better do this or else. Few true God worshipers! Bull!

    I found it unbearable that it took someone 25 years to get reinstated and another person 15 years. I doubt very much either one found joy being marked for life. It proves that not everyone gets reinstated in less than a year. Harsh punishment by individual kh.

    Basically the articles proves things never changed in WT land. Glorify a dead GB who gets heavenly hope, and put the fear into all the other members!

  • sarahsmile

    They screwed up Jesus parables! Mustard grain just made me laugh!

  • berrygerry

    Vitreous PUKE!

    (Do You Appreciate What you Have Received)

    Your father loves you and DETESTS your 999 siblings BECAUSE you think a corporation is your Father's secret will for you all!

  • Phizzy

    Just speed read some of that crap, two or three things stood out, early on they claim that the Kingdom message HAS reached the "ends of the Earth" and quote Acts 1v8 , this is trying to get in to the subconscious mind of Dubs how near the End must be, and it is a blatant lie.

    Towards the end of the rag is a sort of "do you remember" bit which says that under the covenant that Jesus made "faithful disciples" will get to Heaven, so, as the great Crowd do not go, logically that says they are Unfaithful. (?)

    They have a bit explaining the Leaven that says what you do and say may have unseen results, and it implies this happens around the World, and it says "it is not all about numbers", preparing the Dubs for some bad news ? numbers down ?

    I do agree that what you say may take a while before a person reacts to it, that is why any anti-witnessing we can do is worth it, what we say may work just like Leaven !

  • BluePill2

    Hey, most important question: Where can I see that Valgaard movie? Looks sure as hell like a movie I would watch.

    Waaaaaiiiiit a minute......is that the new Valgaard The Board game on page 19? This is fantastic news!!! Can't wait to order it.

  • blondie

    Interesting that the brothers on the cover have neither suitcoat or tie.

    I see the GB is wising up and educating the rank and file as to the bios of the GB...it used to be a sign of having some special insider knowledge for a jw to have any info on them. My family realized that ignorance of their backgrounds was seen as unnecessary and the WTS preferred the gossip that prevailed.

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