I get so tired of people always bringing up "Black on Black" crime.

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  • confusedandalone

    when you say low class what do you mean exactly? Do you mean lower class in regards to the amount of money a group has? Do you mean low class in regards to morals?

    After all the most atrocious crimes comitted are generally performed by those in power or those with money

  • pbrow

    98.5% of all crime is committed by one race on another......

    "69.2% of all statistics on the internet are made up" Abraham Lincoln


  • ShirleyW

    Hmmm, this thread started out saying how tiring it is to read about "black on black" crime as well as other races as well, with people agreeing that they are tired of it too, now it seems like this thread is turning into the others about "black vs. white".

    What I find interesting is that although the majority of folks here are no longer or JWs, I guess although the Borg preaches there is no division in race and we are all one and love Jah, I guess some folks never felt that while they were in and did the "make believe" thing about, like so many Dubs do for some of the things in the Borg, but deep down, if you came in to the Cult feeling a certain way about a certain race, those feelings didn't change while they were Jehovah's happy people spreading the word of his Kingdom.

  • punkofnice

    Not being funny but am I right in saying this is more an American issue?

    It seems to me that here in the UK we don't have so much of the black vs: white thing going on. We all make nice babies together!!

  • EndofMysteries

    punkofnice - What I've found when traveling the world, is that almost every country or continent has some sort of racial or religious division.

    In USA it's black vs white. In most of Europe it was arabs vs white (I was in Holland and they were saying how they don't like the arabs and their kebab stands, they are dirty, bring crime, etc). Also in Europe I saw northern/more white vs southern/more tan. In Egypt it was muslim vs coptic christian. In Iraq sunni vs shiite. Around Russia, Ukrainians are hated.

    If there is not a racial division in a country, then they create a religious one, and if not probably something else. (remember the class division and shown in titanic?) and if not that then political division, (I hate republicans, I hate democrats).

    I guess people just like to hate.

  • GrreatTeacher

    I think the defining factor in the abovementioned scenarios is a difference in culture.

    In America, blacks have their own separate culture, though most function in both their culture and the culture at large. White folks in general don't understand this. In fact, I'll admit that I didn't understand this until I attended a Historically Black University.

    A great example in general, and a good model for cross cultural understanding came at a Masters class in Education I attended this past year. The instructor was black and taught in an urban school district filled with minorities. The thing about Maryland is that you cross the Chesapeake and you are in a rural predominantly white area. She came over to our area to teach this class and every single student was white.

    After touching on the subject in general, she asked a question. "Why did a white teacher get upset at me after I chastised her unruly class in the hallway? In black culture, it takes a village to raise a child and that means every adult should pitch in to correct misbehavior."

    'Well, that teacher felt like you were intimating that she couldnt handle her own class. She felt like you just insulted her and undermined her authority," we told her.

    You can see the effect of the dominant individualistic culture. Funny, we all knew exactly how that teacher felt. The instructor took that in and said, "Hmm, I never would've thought of it that way, but I see it now. So, if the tables were turned and it was my class that was unruly in the hallway, what would you do?"

    ' Well, we would feel bad that you wouldn't be being successful with your classroom management, but discretion being the better part of valor, we would vow to keep quiet about it so you wouldn't get in trouble.Especially since we really like you.'

    "WOW!" she exclaimed, "I just thought the white teachers were unfriendly, not team players and possibly racist."

    The wheels in her mind turning, "What if you knew that I would appreciate a helping hand with my class at any time?"

    'Then we would definitely help!

    You see how that scenario was about communication? Miscommunication and lost opportunities because racial subjects are so charged with emotion in America?

    The class learned a lot that day and so did that instructor!

  • designs

    We have a Two-tiered Justice System and it rightly outrages many.

    John Corzine, former Governor and Senator, Wall Street big wig was involved in a Trading Scheme that cost investros and tax payers over $1 Billion dollars and he has yet to see the inside of a jail.

  • piztjw

    What happened in Ferguson is newsworthy because it involves the death of a black man at the hands of a white cop

    I'm still waiting to hear much of anything on the national news, or hear reports of looting, burning, and other idiotic acts of random supidity being engaged in by "protesters" in Salt Lake City where a black cop murdered an unarmed white man.

    Crickets chirping....

  • Simon

    John Corzine, former Governor and Senator, Wall Street big wig was involved in a Trading Scheme that cost investros and tax payers over $1 Billion dollars and he has yet to see the inside of a jail.

    The real divide isn't race, it's wealth and yes, "white collar crime" (as in 'not blue collar', not ... oh, you know) is never punished as it should be.

    The privilige is all about wealth, not color.

    Does anyone think they would get the same experience if the IRS caught them cheating on their taxes? ... even if they were white?

    Of course not.

  • designs

    Was the white community intentionally targeted for an inordinate amount of tickets and warrants. Was the white community over-looked in terms of receiving tax dollars to keep the schools in top shape, streets in good repair, were businesses discouraged from operating in the white community for decades.

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