Baptized in a WBT$ Bible?!..2014 WBT$ JW Convention..South Korea..

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  • ohnightdivine

    Uhm. My goodness.


    What the hell??? Unfreaking believable!!! Words cannot express the utter stupidity and sacrilegious nature of their watchtarded behavior.


  • ohnightdivine

    (Year 2024)

    Bro1: How long have you been in the dar* truth, my brother?

    Bro2: Exactly 10 years. It's the most memorable year of my life. You see, I got baptized in a Bibl...

  • steve2

    The book doubles as a security shelter in the even that Armageddon breaks out in the middle of baptisms.

  • JWdaughter

    I am worried. What I saw was EXACTLY what I thought I would see. What does that say about me? I know them too well? So. Korea seems to love kitchy things? I am really old? I am psychic? I'm just paying attention? Hmmm. SHOULD I worry? I am 48. I was only in for the first 16 years of my life

  • rebel8

    I wonder if little kids get baptized in shallow pools shaped like Awake! magazines.

    Brothers and sisters participating in the Baptismal Donation Arrangement by PayPal auto-pay at a level of $30 per month will receive the Deluxe Package, which includes:

    • Baptism on the Bible page of your choice (Greek Scriptures $10 extra)
    • Free app
    • One "get out of field service this month without a shepherding call" pass
    • Exclusive use of a warmed Egyptian cotton towel, bathrobe and flip flops as you exit the pool
    • Souvenier photo of you with the baptismal talk speaker (selfie for Facebook $10 extra)
    • Copy of the convention's new publication release, autographed by the entire cast of the drama
    • Orthotics for those long days in field service and trolling around the concrete convention halls looking for a mate
    • Lilies of Soloman TM corsage or boutonniere
    • Tower of Babel TM app to translate your fs pitch into any language
    • Commemorative canvas bookbag, monogrammed with your initials, the convention location and date
    • Option of showing 2 inches of extra thigh in your swimsuit without being policed by the attendants
    • An extra round of golf claps when you're dunked
    • Deluxe boxed lunch which includes mystery meat hoagie, chips with extra salt, your choice of Shasta (warm), frozen cheese danish, frozen pudding, and a bag of fruit
  • John_Mann

  • rebel8

    IMO this is the most hilarious thing since the masturbation video. It's just cracking me up. A Bible with a pool inside. Is it just me?

    It's like a theme park is developing inside an assembly hall.

  • blondie

    It reminds me of the DC with the pumping hearts............

    *** km 5/99 p. 4 par. 12 1999 “God’s Prophetic Word” District Conventions ***

    Are you getting baptized at the district convention? For the Saturday morning session, a section of seats will be reserved for baptismal candidates, and the attendants will direct you to this location. If at all possible, please be seated there before the session begins. Bring along your Bible, songbook, towel, and a modest swimsuit. Cutoffs, T-shirts with slogans, and similar attire are inappropriate for such a dignified occasion.

    ----------dignified! getting baptized in a WT publication..........

  • LogCon

    Benny Hinn must be jealous.

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