How many use iPads or tablets in your cong?

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  • stuckinarut2

    A question for those that still attend meetings...

    How many use tablets or iPads in your hall?

    I did roving microphones this week, and I counted 43 people (variety of ages) out of an audience of 98!

    Just curious...

  • 88JM

    Yes I'd say that's about the ratio I've seen in the congregation, and also at the convention a few weeks ago. Definitely the biggest uptake is unsurprisingly among the younger folk.

  • joe134cd

    Hard to believe a few years ago they where slamming them. I remember a talk at the assembly that had the title "preoccupation with time consuming gadgets". Well I don't know if that were the exact words, but that was the basic theme of the talk. Any help someone on the title.

  • stuckinarut2

    Hey joe, I'm glad we can use them!

    Its the only thing that keeps me sane during the meetings! Being able to log onto this forum during the program....

  • Da.Furious

    In our congregation, relatively small one around 50 publishers:

    25 have tablets of which 8 are full time pioneers (out of 14 pioneers).

    All elders, around 4 have tablets even some use them on the platform.

    In my family we all have ones, without them we cannot survive the whole meeting, well at least it stopped me from walking in the car park and try to come up with different reason every time.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Hi Stuckinarut:

    I put up a thread yesterday about the difficulty of finding a hardcopy WT for meeting. When inquiring, I was asked if I could print my own or did I have a tablet. Both ink and tablets are not in the budget. I learned I could order a copy.

    I hear champagne is cheaper, comparatively speaking, than ink. Makes me wonder . . . ???

    My, how times have changed!


  • DesirousOfChange

    My mother's congregation is giving classes to assist the elderly (and "challenged") in learning to use their new iPads. At least 50% are using them.


  • sir82

    Coming soon: A Watchtower corporate discount with Apple / Samsung / Nexus / [fill in the blank]. Show your blood card and get a 15% discount on equipment & data plans.

  • NVR2L8

    My brother who is the CoBoE in his congregation just got a tablet. Both is wife and daughter have been using theirs in service. My sister in law asked me for help with hers and I saw some of the videos she loaded and shows to hiuseholders. My 81 years old pioneer mom wants hers too.

  • nonjwspouse

    My JW MIL never wanted one, or even a smartphone until about a year ago. Now she has both.

    My husband that went inactvie again for almost a couple years now is still highly anti gadget. He was adamant about his almost 10 year old daughter not get an ipod w/speakers for her room. He had not been to covnentions to hear the raving of the electronics, his last ones were about the dangers of them. He was againsat a DSi, she got one from a sibling. he grumbled but after over a year of her using it responsiblly, I pointed out what is harming her. He couldn't identify one thing. He is horrified that the ipod could be suded to text friends. He has been voiciing his strong disagreement with it for months and months. yesterday I called him on that one. I wanted him to point out just how was it different from her talking on the phone with her friends, and would he ban that as well? He said no and couldn't think of much difference, just kept saying he could invision her sitting in the car with us with her head down texting.

    I asked him if he was just against technology period or did he have a valid reason to believe she would become a techno zombie. He has the deer in headlights look. I reminded him the numerous times he himself relied on technology. This was not going away. Why would you banish something the child will grow up around. Why not teach responsibilty with it instead. I pointed out I can monitor texts much better than phone calls. Plus, the internet can be blocked duriing any hours I choose from the router, and she would never know it was blocked on purpose. I already allow her on the internet and monitor her. She texts friends from my phone, but it is not overdone, just occasionally.

    He is still indoctrinated with the "evil internet" and "electronic gadgets" speaches. Yet, he has a smart phone and he texts, uses google, email, and youtube regularly.

    So yesterday My main point was that he got this idea into his head that it was bad, but never really thought it out rationally,. he needed to use his own thinking to recognise and determine what was ok and what was not. I mentioned I have seem him use his own thinking on other things quite well, but that sometimes he seems to shut all that off and make a predetermined judgement.

    Hopefully this "thinking" example will stick somewhere in his psyche whenever that awful WT/jw indoctrinating, thought stopping snake rears it's head.

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