How many use iPads or tablets in your cong?

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  • tresdecu

    My cong. that I go to 40% of the time...seems to be at about 50-60% tablet usage. Many seem to think they need to spend the extra 200-300 for an ipad too. JWs are not good at research, if they hear a few elders say an ipad works well for them, they just go buy one. IMO Android is way better.

    I am an apple hater ;-)

  • molybdenum

    I was at an assembly recently and just to ward off the boredom I watched how those with tablets were

    using ( or trying to use them).

    Seriously most did not have a clue and it took them ages to find a scripture.

    Also some were taking notes by typing and they looked like some kind of strange praying mantis

    trying to find the right keys to press.

    I wonder how much of the talk actually went into their brains as it seems most were lost just trying to figure out

    how to use the tablet. Multitasking was not prevelent among those listening.

    But thanks to the Governing Body's push to use them, I can use mine in the meeting and it sure helps to pass the time.

    All we need now is a directive to "skype" meeting talks to everyone so we don't even need to attend the meeting in person.

    Don't say it won't happen......

  • WTWizard

    Give me a tablet to take to the boasting sessions, and I am more likely to have a window open with Joy of Satan and/or this forum than one to the washtowel site. Or I would simply place both on the device and switch to the Satan site or this forum while they are reading the paragraph. Not to mention, there is a good chance it will have a camera so I can get video footage of the boasting session, which can be edited to insert commentary about how blatantly stupid the advice they give is. And I would be playing that video along with the jw org video at the doors.

    Not to mention, only going in field circus while the moon is void of course along with that. That way, the chances of getting anyone into the cancer should approach the vanishing point.

  • AmericanCaesar

    Well, in my congregation (i live in Portugal), we have like 2 or 3 tablets. It's simples: the old people doesn't matter about new technologies, and the young people don't have much money to afford Ipad, Ipod and stuff like that (It's a poor country dudes! xD). In some congregations, for 100 publishers, there are 4 ou 5 tablets.

  • ohnightdivine

    Around 65% in our cong uses them. Thank goodness my calligraphy and doodling skills during the meetings have improved.


  • InquiryMan

    That ink thing is definitely a myth. Also the emphasis on using tablets vs paper is not as environmental friendly as one might think. Computers and companies affiliated to them are responisible for 5 per cent of all pollution, whereas pollution caused by the paper industry is just a very small fraction of this. Besides, forests are renewable.

  • j dubb
    j dubb

    Wasn't all that long ago I remember elders saying the society would never have a website.

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