My JW mom is now willing to "listen" to our side...Need advice pls

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  • leaving_quietly

    marked.... great responses, Splash!

  • ProfCNJ

    Splash, brilliant contributions for this topic! They will be indeed useful as reference in the future.

  • 2pink

    Thank you so much for all the fantastic ideas! My sister is actually going to be the one having the discussion with her (my Mom is afraid of me because I am "too apostate"). So I'm going to pass all this onto my sister and will let you know how it goes!

    I'm certain that my Mom is going to be going into the conversatino with the intent of bringing my sister back to the JWs (and probably counting her time doing so). But just being open to listening to what my sister has to say might be enough to plant some seeds and get her actually thinking.

  • JWdaughter

    Relate your conversation to the issues that brought her to this point and then see where they grow naturally. She already had issues. This current thing is making her pay attention. So, work with the situation at hand and ASK your mom what has concerned her over the years. Then address those things.

  • Crazyguy

    Here is an easy one for you , have her look up revelations 5:10 and read then compare it to the Greek interlinear, she will find that they are not kings and do not rule over the earth. If you wish to take it farther then have her read verse 9 then compare it to verse 9 of chapter 7. There its plain that the ones being talked about in chapter 5:9-10 are the great crowd and not just the 144k. This completely destroyed the idea that Christians will have leaders over them other then Christ and show that the gb are lieing and know it.

  • DocHouse

    Right. Say we're wrong about Revelatiuon- which no one but God completely understands.

    I hpe you mom is asking that to get you thinking- but it appears you are incapable .

  • sloppyjoe2

    @dochouse you're wrong about Romans 6 as I stated earlier.

  • DocHouse

    I don't have the desire to dig thru all the trash here, Joe- please elaborate.

  • sloppyjoe2

    I am assuming you are a JW. So the wt says that the wages sin pays is death and Romans 6:7 acquits everyone of their sins and therefore that's why everyone will be resurrected. Read Romans 6:1-7 and not just verse 7 alone and you will see that it is not a physical death being referred to but dying along with Jesus in the ransom. There is no physical death means free ticket into paradise.

  • Spectre

    I've noticed a lot of ex-jws having their one issue.

    For some it seems they would still be a jw but they found out about molestation cover ups and left.

    Others have their one scripture that they found was misquoted and left.

    Some read a science book and found the jw line of thinking a bunch of hooey.

    I left thinking it was still "the truth" but when I found out about 1914 it resolved all remaining belief in me.

    I guess I'm saying that I'd approach it from the angle that there are multiple reasons to leave and they are all good.

    Now my arguement against the jws is that this is the year 2014 and its a dead religion. Every reason I heard while growing up that its the true religion has run its course and proved wrong. The generation that would not die is dead and any talk of "overlapping generations" is a bunch of nonsense.

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