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  • pronomono

    Welcome, PowerMetal. Glad to see a girl who rocks!

    I grew up listening to metal, hard rock, etc. with bands like Nightwish, Sirenia, Tristania, Korn and any other band on the hard rock and above spectrum of music. They're the only reason I made it through high school. I had a lot of problems with being a JW around that time. My mom and I got into some pretty intense arguments over it. But in the end, I sucked it up and became the perfect little Ministerial Servant everyone wanted me to be. I hated myself for it. And now at 29 years old, it's causing problems for me, especially with communication in my marriage. If I knew then what I know now, eh? Anyways, hard rock and heavy metal got me this far in life, expressing feelings I didn't quite know how to express myself.

    As far as mainstream rock, it is more accepted. I think it's because there isn't as much substance that could be offensive. Mainstream rock tries to provide something for everyone. To me, it's more like pop with slightly distorted electric guitars. It's not necessarily all bad, but it's so generic. Keep on rocking. You can learn a lot from everyone here and from JWFacts.

  • Powermetal4ever

    Thanks for all the welcome so far and thanks to everyone saying my english is fine I think music, and especially metal has been a kind of escape for me. I often use to listen to my MP3 when I going to and from meetings. And yes, still going on those , although not as often as before.

  • factfinder

    Welcome powermetal4ever!

    Sorry you still have to go to the meetings. Considering how dry & boring they were when I was still going 9 years ago, I can only imagine it has gotten worse.

    Back in the 70's and early 80's the elders & ms in my cong used to make the meeting parts interesting by using skits. They set the platform up with a cot and curtains pretending to operate on a spiritually weak witness, they would turn off the lights and use the literature room with its lights on as a house and we'd watch the scene through the window as they demonstrated various presentations on the householders and other interesting skits.

    But that was a long time ago and it seems they are not allowed to do things like that anymore. The meetings became so forced and cut and dry, a real drag to have to sit through. I am so glad I don't have to do that anymore!

  • PaintedToeNail

    Hi Powermetal4ever, welcome!

  • flipper

    POWERMETAL4EVER- Very nice to have you here ! Welcome to freedom of mind and expression. We are here as a support to you. Hang in there, keep researching on the Internet and eventually you'll see the real truth about the alleged " truth " within the WT organization. We wish you the best. Take care

  • smiddy

    Welcome , this is a good place to be.


  • berrygerry

    factfinder: I love your old skit references.

    i have many memories of skits in the 70's that made meetings tolerable.

    Power girl - I love your bravity.

    I have a daughter, awake, who is your age.

    Rock on!

  • Aunt Fancy
    Aunt Fancy

    Welcome! Your English is very good. We look forward to hearing more from you. You will find the more research you do the more courage you will have to make healthy life choices. I founf this site to be very informative but also Jwfacts.com and JWSurvery.org is very helpful too. There are some great books out on the market and Youtube videos about the truth about the JW's. The more you learn the happier your life will become. If you need some recommendations just private message me and I will recomment them for you.

  • jookbeard

    welcome PM4 , your testimony comes across very well, another soul lost in the sea of affected ones where their stupid theology leaves anyone with a brain cell thinking things are a million miles away from right, you've made the best decision

  • Fernando

    Welcome to the best part of all things Watchtower, namely JWN, Powermetal4ever!

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