Paranoia of today's WT study!

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  • sillygirlforgotpassword

    Good luck sitting through that stuckinarut, I'd go crazy if I had to. Good pointers by Oubliette though, on the rare ocassion that I have to attend when visiting family, I will need to remember his advice!

  • stuckinarut2

    Great comments and words of encouragement Oubliette!

    Thankyou! (Yes, My plans are in full effect...I have one convention to get out of the way.......)

    Yes, I reckon that this study has to be up there as one of the most pivotal "WTF??!!" articles of the last few years.

    It is in the realm of the "be willing to obey no matter how unusual it seems...etc"

    HOW, I MEAN HOW can witnesses not SEE the leading reasoning and manipulative comments??

    Serioulsy, to raise such a persecution and paranoia amongst the flock ABOUT FELLOW MEMBERS is so damaging!

    It is so strange....

    It is completely against the basic principle of so called christianity, which is to think the best of one another and help all to better themselves.

    The comments after the meeting that I overheard showed such evidence of "battered minds"

  • millie210

    stuckinarut, what kind of comments did you hear (if it is not private that is - I dont want to pry)?

    I guess there must be an urgent sense on the part of those doing the writing to squelch freedom of speech AND make those who dare speak freely look "suspicious".

  • Oubliette

    stuckinarut2, you're welcome.

    Yes, please share some of the comments that showed evidence of "battered minds." That's an intriguing expression you've used. I wanna' know more!


    Cognitive dissonance was the rule of the day. How can anyone read that lesson and not see the contradictions? Either the writers are geniuses or they suffer from Cog-diss themselves.

    The bat-shit crazy comments were flying. The strangest thing was that " apostasy " was never defined, nor will it be. That didn't stop the Eldubs from commenting on how apostasy will not be tolerated, but we shouldn't suspect each other, BUT we better watch for apostates in our midst.

    Also strange was the distinct lack of explanation as far as Jesus' role as " The Greater Moses" is concerned. To understand the context of Paul's letter to Timothy, we absolutely must understand the players. Otherwise, how can we properly understand the "modern-day" application of Paul's letter?? Oh, wait, that was deliberately left out as well.

    The WT was basically a free-for-all with the Eldubs giving their interpretations of the WTBTS's purposely vague interpretation. The result?? Apostates are bad. Tune in next week when we show apostates picketing a peaceful convention of harmless JWs. Do "apostates" have any legitimate complaints? We don't know, we don't debate them.


  • millie210

    Yes Data-Dog, I looked ahead to next week and saw that picture.

    Notice that the apostates signs dont SAY anything? They arent going to help the cause any by giving a valid complaint free air time in the Watchtower!

    Thus a bunch of untucked shirts and signs that say nothing!

  • Oubliette

    DD: "apostasy" was never defined

    Good catch.

    They just need a boogeyman. The more vague and undefined the better.

    Do "apostates" have any legitimate complaints? We don't know, we don't debate them.

    Another good catch. The WTBTS will never directly acknowledge the actual reasons that people become "apostates" because that would raise issues which they cannot refute.

  • smiddy

    The Governing Body of jehovahs witnesses speak with a forked tongue , they speak out of both sides of their mouth .

    On the one hand look suspiciously at your brothers and sisters , are they following the direction of the G.B. faithfully ? without question ?

    Show yourself to be loyal to jehovahs organisation by reporting this to the elders.

    On the other hand ,

    Should we, however, be suspicious of our fellow Christians, second-guessing the genuineness of their loyalty to Jehovah? Absolutely not!

    It would be wrong to entertain baseless suspicions about our brothers and sisters.

    On the one hand they plant a seed of doubt in your mind about bros.and sisters integrity.

    On the other hand they say it is wrong to have doubts about your bros. and sisters integrity.


  • stillin

    One of the elders in my congregation read the definition of apostasy from the "simplified" Watchtower, which he calls the "enhanced" Version. It was all about leaving the truth.

    those poor simpletons...

  • stuckinarut2

    So after "amen", I overheard two sisters in conversation.

    "Wasn't that such a powerful study today!"

    "yes, it just shows how the faithful slave is concerned about keeping the congregation clean from any apostates"

    "you know apostates only turn away because they are usually engaged in secret sins!"

    "makes you wonder if the faithful slave know things that we don't? Maybe there are apostates lurking in many congregations...?"

    "hmm, I reckon you are right sis"

    The next one I heard:

    "apostates usually start by not keeping up with their Watchtower pre study you know"

    I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried!

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