Paranoia of today's WT study!

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    I can only imagine what the average congregation of rank and file will look like during the WT study as they are sitting in their seats, rocking back and forth in a trance with foam coming out of their mouths, eyes rolled in the back of their heads, nodding in agreement. It is very creepy to think about...

  • millie210

    Interesting that the longest article in the magazine is the life story of a GB member....6 pages.

  • jw07

    Look at the photo of the drones singing on page 28!!!

    That just makes my skin crawl.

    Completely under the control of many pages of Watchtower indoctrination while believing that they have their own ideas.

  • leaving_quietly

    Unfortunately for many of us, this article serves to further alienate our families, (e.g. our spouses) from us. Even the mention of some conflict of scriptures with WT sets my wife off as I found out a couple weeks back. I won't go into details, but it was sure hard to remain calm and remember how very, very, very deep the indoctrination is.

  • Oubliette

    Dear Stuck,

    Having read many of your posts and understanding exactly why you are still attending meetings (are you still working the sound system?) I offer this one suggestion that may help you maintain your sanity whilst being stuck in the KH: Work on YOUR critical thinking skills. Hone them to a razor sharp edge!

    Carefully and analytically identify and deconstruct all the logical and factual errors, examples of historical revisionism, methods of psychological manipulation and mind-control. Then post them here for other lurkers' benefit.

    Here is an example of how I have done this in the past and a template for an analytical methodology that you may (or may not) find useful:

    It will focus your mind and potentially help someone else that is just waking up to TTATT see through the cult practices of the WTBTS.

    In the meantime, know I feel your pain. Been there, done that.

    Fight the good fight and work on your exit strategy.


  • Oubliette

    Excerpts from paragraph #1:

    "Korah along with 250 men were ... arrogant renegades attempting to usurp the priesthood. ... They had deluded themselves into thinking that God would accept their worship."

    This reminds me of some other delusional people I know:

    Delusional fools

    Oh the irony!



    I have not read it, but I glanced at it a while ago. It's just bat-shit crazy cult indoctrination like always.

    View it as an outward sign of the WTBTS's desperation. They have nothing but half-truths ( if you believe the Bible) revisionist history, and propaganda to keep them afloat. The very fact that they have been forced to rebrand to JW.ORG is very telling. They are circling the wagons against an imaginary foe.

    Jws are materialistic pseudo-spiritualists. They don't REALLY believe in the Holy Spirit, Jesus, "The Truth", or anything of the sort, despite their claims to the contrary. They don't really believe in the Bible either, because if they did, they would leave the WTBTS in droves. They are simple close-minded materialistic free labor/volunteers for a Neo-Zionist Xian Communist, Real Estate flipping publishing house. There is no magic in a JW's life. Everything is explained away with a cold, calculated, corporate and sterile viewpoint.

    The only reason the WTBTS did not fade into obscurity decades ago, was because Rutherford purged the Organization of anyone with critical thinking skills. The only "true believers" left were those who feared the loss of power, position, and those who feared the world and thought that Rutherford just might be right, despite his delusional ramblings. The "leaders" of the WTBTS today are simply the degenerate offspring of a dying race. Their ideological in-breeding is slowly killing them. One could say that are already dead from a certain perspective. If the WTBTS was viable, JW.ORG would never have been necessary.

    As it stands now, we have a new group of non-believing,materialistic pseudo spiritual communists\Realtors chomping at the bit, waiting for the current GB to die off. Once that happens, all bets are off. ANYTHING can happen. Every convention can be "International" or special ( paid for by the R&F ), ALL "special talks", even the memorial can be streamed via the internet to every KH. Even backwater 3rd world villages can meet at a central point to hear the "TRUTH" as Jehoober sends it through the vast apostate cyber realm, shielded by the Holy Spirit of course.

    So how does a materialistic/corporate Xian "religion" motivate it's non-Bible believing members to keep enduring to the end of their lives, all the while contributing a predictable amount of "Voluntary offerings"?? Well, IMHO, we are seeing exactly how it is done. The IC, Caleb and Sophia, YouTube videos, JW talent shows sanctioned by Jesus' "brothers", the epic fail of the "Greatest Witness Ever Given" and the most important method of all.....

    Unity in the face of a common enemy, the "apostate/false disciple" that JEHOOBER himself allows to remain in the congregation. YOUR CONGREGATION??? How can you know for sure?!? Could it be brother Elder? Could it be Andre?? After all, he does speak out about planning for retirement and perhaps taking a college course. What about Sister Pioneer? Her hours are down, she seems depressed and wants to be married instead of remaining "single by choice". It could be Brother Neverappointed... Why else would he not be an MS?!?! After all, Jeehoober's spirit does the appointing. Should I limit my contact with him? The END is close, can I really afford to lose my relationship with Jeehoober??

    The only way to motivate materialistic people is with man-made materialistic thinking. Having a potential enemy in your very midst is a great way to strengthen unity. An invisible enemy!! LOL!!! Where could he be?? It's not YOU, is it?? Time to head for the interior rooms ( someone's basement)!!! Yes, fear inducing propaganda is an excellent way to wrangle the fearful and ignorant sheep. They are so afraid of an unseen enemy that they willingly go to the safety of the slaughter house.


  • Oubliette

    It's interesting to note the frequent references to "apostasy within the congregation" and "counterfeit Christians in their midst" (See for examples paragraphs 2, 3, 9, 10, 11 and 12).

    I wonder if the GB are really this paranoid or are they just calculatingly using this languange to create fear, mistrust, suspicion and paranoia within their own ranks.

    You can just imagine that every publisher (that's paying attention) is now looking around their own congregation and thinking,

    "Hmmm, I wonder: who could be an 'apostate' or 'counterfeit Christian' in my congregation? I remember that Brother Skeptical over there made some unusual comments last week about the recent 'New Light' we've received from Jehovah. And Sister Murmur has said quite a number of very critical things about the elders when we have been out in Field Service together .... Maybe I should mention these things to Elder Righteous!"

    It's a particularly powerful way to control groups.

    Let's review: It's a cult!


  • millie210

    Interesting point Oubliette.

    Worried about these ones in the congregation?

    There was a disclaimer towards the end saying that would want to entertain "baseless" suspicisions of brothers and sisters in the congregation.

    So who gets to decide whats "baseless"?

  • blondie

    Yet next Sunday's article says this:

    10 Today, Jehovah’s people are not often

    confronted with apostasy within the


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