Heavy metal

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  • Godsendconspirator

    I have always loved heavy metal music (thrash metal to be more specific). Since heavy metal is usually associated with satan and occult themes many Christians and JWs in particular stray away from it. In my teenagehood I was listened to it obsessively until I started studying and got baptized at age 18 and I started listening to other genres. But I recently started coming back to this type of music and I've forgotten how much I loved it and how happy it makes me feel.

    I wanna see I have any other heavy metal fans or people's opinion of it. I've got Pantera playing right now :)

  • This is my tigersuit
    This is my tigersuit

    hell ya i love old metallica, pantera, and newer stuff too, like as i lay dying and darkest hour. listened to all that even as an elder! rock on my friend haha

  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy

    Not so much metal, but alternative stuff, math rock, alt punk, always loved it, it was a guilty pleasure while I was an elder, now it's just a pleasure!

  • stuckinarut2

    "Heavy metal is from the devil"

    You should listen to "kingdom maladies" instead!

    (yes that was a deliberate typo...look up the definition if you dont know its meaning...its sooooo fitting!)

  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    Funny story, when one of the MS in my kingdom hall became an elder he gave me his old Metallic CDs because he "couldn't keep them anymore and be an elder" (not sure how he rationalized giving them to a young brother like me instead of destroying them but I was happy to have them). On his computers CD drive (yes this was way back when computers still had those) he opended the tray to put the Metallica CD in so he could show me some of his favorite songs. But the Watchtower Library was already in the tray so he had to take it out before put the songs in. When he retracted the tray back into the computer the computer crashed. To which he joked, "The computer must of had a heart attack after going from the WTL to Metallica."

    Looking back, it's quite facinating to me how a person who can hold two conflicting beliefs in their head simultaneously. There's nothing quite like the Compartmentalized Logic exercised by JWs.

  • Heaven

    As with all genres, there are some bands I love, others, not so much. Love me some Metallica.

  • Onager

    I went to see Iron Maiden at Twickenham! I made a point of saying to my friends "If we get split up, meet up at the Lion." :)

    (Twickenham also hosts the District Convention for London and the Lion statue is *the* meet up spot)

    I think it's worth noting that it's easy to think when you're at a big convention that there must be something to it with ALL those people there! Well, at the Iron Maiden concert at Twickenham all the stands were pretty much full AND the pitch had been floored over and that was full of people too.

    Also the people were all friendly. One of my friends had forgotten his ticket and a stranger who heard him wailing about it outside the ground just happened to have a spare ticket because his friend had broken his leg. He refused to take more than face value for it either.

    Another highlight was seeing a giant animatronic Eddie (a sort of zombie mummy) strutting across the stage where I used to watch JW speakers giving talks... :)

  • pronomono

    I always liked foreign melodic metal, favoring those having heavy guitar, some orchestra and violin, a male lead with gruff screaming/talking voice, and hot female backup (or some variation of the above). I'm not really sure what you classify it as, though. Tristania, Sirenia, early Lacuna Coil, Elis, etc. When I was learning guitar, I started playing kingdom melodies with a heavily distorted electric guitar. My mom wasn't too happy about that. lol

  • Vidiot

    Godsendconspirator - "Since heavy metal is usually associated with satan and occult themes many Christians and JWs in particular stray away from it."

    Start a new subgenre; "apocalyptic Christian metal"!

  • BluesBrother

    I always loved heavy rock music.. I never felt any concience over it. I mean nothing more than people like Hendix, Led Zep, Deep Purple. AC/DC Guns n Roses etc. My wife used to give me some stick over it , but she used watch the sort of films that many dubs would not , so I guessed we were even. I never kept my music a secret if it came up, but I did not broadcast it either.

    It came in useful when I wanted to resign as an elder. All of them, including the C/O were reluctant to accept it - but when I said that I had a passion for what they may call "heavy metal music" the C/O's jaw dropped, his face blanched and I was off the BOE immediately. It seems that it was ok to have a WT O/seer that had doubts in his faith but not one who was transported to a third heaven by Slash's guitar playing !

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