Heavy metal

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  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    Was a big fan of Metallica in the '80's(even though heavy metal was frowned upon). Loved everything they did up until the Black album, especially Ride the Lightning.

  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy

    Anyone out there like a bit of REFUSED?

  • redvip2000

    I remember when I was growing up, during a public talk, an elder specifically said that ACDC (the band) was satanic music and should not be listened to.. lol

  • opusdei1972

    Hear this song and see how the singer is worshipping :

    https :// www . youtube . com / watch ? v = u6TZsSQyeAE

  • Wolfy

    I love hard rock/metal. Five Finger Death Punch and In This Moment being two of my favorite bands. When I was a teen my Dad used to go through my music and toss the stuff he didn't approve of. Some stuff I managed to hide but but he would sometimes locate my hidden stash. I must have purchased Hysteria at least a half dozen times.

    I remember getting busted playing Def Leppard in the Kingdom Hall. I was cleaning the carpets in the hall and had it cranked up pretty loud as the carpet cleaner made a racket. I of course got busted and reamed out by the elders.

    I also blew one of my 6x9's while out in field service. Good times :)

    \m/ - _- \m/

    Wolfy of the Heavy Metal Class

  • Vidiot

    I grew up in the 80s and went to a pretty tough high school, so (obviously) my musical preferences were more 80's rock/metal than 80s pop.

    Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, Honeymoon Suite, Def Leppard, Queen, Whitesnake, Heart, Van Halen, Guns 'n' Roses, Warrant, Aerosmith, Motley Crue, AC/DC.....

    The past decade or so, I've added Nickelback, Theory of a Deadman, and Halestorm to that particular list.

    Know what's really funny? In all the years since, I'm the only one I've run across who can do (or is inclined to do) that stuff as karaoke.

  • Ugottabefresh

    I played Motörhead in our JDub van after we concluded service once, much to the consternation of my still-devout wife. Twas awesome :)

  • Vidiot
  • talesin


    You made me nostalgic for the movie but it's a long way from thrash. :P

    Share some vids you love. :))


  • Ocean1111

    You might try some Buckethead if you haven't already heard him, and if you are looking for an active musician who develops heavier styles, at times, with interesting themes and progressive virtuosity. I think by now he has about 20 recordings and another 20 collaborations, so if it clicks there is a lot there and it is not typical.

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