Heavy metal

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  • Vidiot

    Ocean1111 - "You might try some Buckethead if you haven't already heard him..."

    Boba Fett released a CD? Awesome!!!

  • marmot

    I just went to see Gojira and Mastodon on Wednesday.

  • Vidiot

    marmot - "I just went to see Gojira and Mastodon on Wednesday."

    Cage match!!!

  • redpilltwice

    Before the "truth" I loved it all, the louder/the faster, the better (speed/thrash/black/death metal). Saw metallica and Slayer for the first time on their second tour (Ride the Lightning/hell Awaits). Threw away a lot of rare vinyl after my bible study (Hellhammer, Mercyful Fate, Bathory) Now back on track, planning to see Exodus in March on their European tour!

  • Thirteenth tribe
    Thirteenth tribe

    I love heavy metal/ heavy rock music but like a muppet I got rid of so much of my music upon my early study days. Back in 2010 I saw Metallica they are still my favourite band but I kept a lot of my music tastes to myself after I realised everyone in my new congregation was lame and classed Bon jovi as heavy rock music!! I've been back into my gigs this year ...check out "Tremonti" for speed / or the latest "Alter bridge" material for awesome guitar riffs ... Modern but influenced by the greats. Such s shame we lost Lemmy this year , I shed a tear over a beer what a legend 😛

    Btw is it true slash is reuniting with guns n roses ??

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