Is new light coming again?

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  • justme67

    I just turned in my resignation letter to my congregation a few weeks ago. Last week, 2 elders called me to say they received my letter and would like to meet with me to discuss my concerns. In my letter, I said I had found out about all the child abuse cases that were going on and that I didnt agree with their policy of disfellowshipping. They said I would be interested to know about some changes that were about to take place. One elder said to me a few times, "if you knew what we know, you wouldnt want to leave." I told them thanks, but no thanks. It must be something to do with the 2 subjects I brought up. Does anyone know about this? They announce my name this thursday night. I have no familyIin and I have been a witness 6 years. 3 here in Indy and 3 in Florida. Thanks.

  • Jeannette

    "if you knew what we know, you wouldn't want to leave". Buttholes. Why don't we know what they know? Because it's a secretive organization, maybe even occultish. Both are below the surface. And they probably just said that to infer that "oh my goodness, armageddon is next week and you'll get yours". Glad you left. Stay gone from them. The longer you're gone the more you'll realize you did the right thing.

  • neverendingjourney

    Probably a new tract being released exclusively on

  • Apognophos

    It's an interesting remark. I'm not sure what regular elders could possibly know that we don't know here.

  • jam

    A public apology for the molestation cases...

  • AlphaMan

    One elder said to me a few times, "if you knew what we know, you wouldnt want to leave."


    Perhaps the new light is each circuit will have JW hitmen to snuff out apostates. If you get a visit from 2 elders and they start quoting Ezekiel 25:17, then kiss your ass goodbye. LOL

  • jgnat

    Yeah, we usually get the elder's letters as fast as they do. Nothing new there.


  • justme67

    Ok, well thanks for your replies and I am definitely not going back. Hey Alphaman, I will be watching my back. Lol. Their one comment makes me think of the mob. (In godfathers voice) " Hey, you dont know what we know."

  • jgnat


  • Mum

    Hi, justme. Interesting that you bring up the mob. In fact, I have seen many parallels between mob behavior and JW behavior:

    1. They all go on "vacation" together, i.e., assemblies, and the controls keep tightening about where to sit, etc.

    2. If you get on the wrong side of them, they "whack" (disfellowship) you - not literally, of course, but probably only because that would be illegal.

    3. Image is everything. I saw a TV documentary in which a mobster's daughter was not allowed to get a tattoo, but her mobster dad committed atrocities every day.

    4. Everybody spies on everybody else. If you step out of line, you will be reported.

    5. There is a criminal protection network; e.g., child molestors are protected, but their victims are re-victimized.

    I'm sure there's a lot more, but I have time limits.

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