If you still believe in God, what are your thoughts on the Bible?

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  • jam

    Crazyguy: Yes "Ron Hubbard". Why can't people see it. If

    MR Hubbard had been alive doing that time, we would be

    worshipping little green men today.....

  • jam

    llkecheese:Sorry. Yes Apognophos was right.. guess I missed the first

    part of your question, I just saw "your thoughts on the Bible". LOL

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    If I still believe in God, what are my thought on the bible?

    51% of me believes that the bible is the word of God

    49% of me believes it is not.

    So I do my best to live my life according to the bible.

    If I were not to live my life according to my understanding of the bible,

    I do not see how it would improve.

    So I guess I am selfish and self serving.

    or just complacent.

    I am not motivated enough to be a serious sinner.

    How hard is it to follow the 10 commandments?

  • jwfacts

    I always questioned the fairness of having inspired a book that only half the globe really has access to. Why only inspire the Bible but not the books of the other religious tenets.

  • prologos

    As a deist, believing in a creator, his natural laws, it is clear the bible is not inspired, accurate on science. but

    with 31000 verses, there have to be some lucky shots,

    I can think of 2 of them.

  • millie210

    What are the two prologos?

  • Apognophos

    I wonder if they'll be the "circle of the earth" and "hanging upon nothing" scriptures.

  • prologos

    Millie210: --The Universe is bigger than the creator, particularly in the beginning of it when it was smaller tha a marble, the marvel (taken from the first temple dedication ceremony). 1 Kings 8:27 .

    There is areas in the cosmos, with the crearor where time is stationary, all pervasive, no movement through it. James 1:17 (also in great gravity, the speed of light)

    added bonus:

    Isiah 40: 15 " lifting islands": Hawaii hotspot. 22: expansion of space. 26: equivalence of energy and matter, Balance of gravity and centrifugal forces in orbit mechanics, 31: "mount like Eagles" the prediction that humans will master the art of soaring in thermals, ridge lift.

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    I am not motivated enough to be a serious sinner.

    You're not trying hard enough, JB.

    If you can just switch the 51%/49% thing, I think you've got it. LOL.

  • Apognophos

    Ah, those were much more obscure choices than I expected.

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