If you still believe in God, what are your thoughts on the Bible?

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  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    "That makes it impossible to know for certain what he wrote in every passage (or arguably, in any passage). "

    As Ehrman points out, there are more textual errors and variations in the extant manuscripts than there are words in the NT. Even if god existed and did inspire the Bible, that fact alone (the number of errors) reveals his ineptitude, or perhaps outright apathy, in making sure the message was preserved intact.

    All that is available are copies of copies of copies. Interestingly, professional, educated Christian scribes did not make an appearance until the 4th century. Their work was based on the existing manuscripts produced by uneducated, non-professional Christian "scribes" who scribbled copies of letters to be read to all the illiterate Christians (90% or more).

    At best, what professional Christian scribes had as source material was the already hopelessly flawed material produced by amateurs.

  • Decided

    If you believe only in Christ how did you come to know he exist? Is there any history other than the bible that explains his existance. Do you just have a feeling that you know him? If it wasn't for religious men and churches how would you get saved as they call it? Where is there any evidence of Christ other than religious history?

  • Terry

    Let's try to be honest with ourselves.

    Who or what is God trying to "save" us from?

    Bottom line? From Himself!


    "You kids play in the backyard today. Just don't be eating anything off my fruit trees or I'll kill you."


    "Hey, why are you hiding back here? What have you done?"


    "I know I said I would kill you, but--I've come up with a way to NOT kill you. I'm going to let my other son DIE instead. He never

    disobeys me."

    "All right, one more step. Just confess you believe the death of your brother keeps me from killing you, and I'll let you off."

    The End

  • Dis-Member

    I think about God quite a bit... but not thinking about the Bible or reading it.

  • InChristAlone

    rjharris, I absolutely love what you wrote. It is very much where I am at right now.

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