A must to be MS?

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  • Apognophos

    What jwfacts said. Speaking from experience, I'm very grateful that I wasn't marriage material because of my lack of privileges (not that I'm such a hunk anyway, but we know that many sisters do prefer brothers who have status in the org. even if they aren't lookers). The worst thing that can happen to someone before leaving the org. is getting married. You only have to click randomly on any life story on this forum to see how it's complicated people's lives to learn TTATT and try to leave, only after having started a family.

  • sparrowdown

    Yes the sisters are all about position, position, position (and not the kamasutra kind).

    When a woman marries a man for money he is her "sugar daddy".

    So what would marrying a man for his qualifications be called?-Desperate!

  • Kool Jo
    Kool Jo

    Not long after I stepped down from being an MS, I was asked if I'm going to "reach out" again for the position. When I said 'no', i was told that I'm "short changing" Jehovah.

    What a darn cult.


    Kool Jo


    Splash said "Look them in the eye and say 'STOP TWISTING SCRIPTURE!' "

    Well said Splash, that works on 90% of any scriptural evidence that is used as WTS 'proof texts' to boot.

    just saying


  • crazyhorse
  • WTWizard

    It might not be a must. But, as with anything, they could claim you are doing "brazen conduct" if they ask you and you refuse. They could do this with any assignment--even if it involves a stupid, pointless, dangerous missionary work in Nigeria you cannot afford. Refuse, and they could decide that such refusal amounts to brazen disregard for authority. Even if, first, you need to pick up your field circus time--if you do not pick up your time, that could become "brazen conduct".

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