New video telling the R&F to be generous

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  • hoser

    Reading between the lines this is what he is saying.

    If the bethelites can raise 10 grand on their small salary what's wrong with you ? You materialistic bastards.

  • WTWizard
    Yes, I have been quite generous--that is, toward my favorite silver bullion dealer online. Seems that, when no one else is buying silver, I have been buying--to the tune of having it take more than a year to accumulate another million orders nation wide (and something like 35 are mine). Toward rubbish causes such as the damnation of the whole human race, I donate nothing.
  • label licker
    label licker

    Pretty sad BS. The brothers were kind to drop groceries off at his door. Ummm, when your in bethel, your food is free. No doubt someone went to the kitchen and rounded him off some FREE food and left it at his door without knocking to see how he is doing. What's that scripture? Don't let your right hand know what the lefty is doing. Why didn't Mark also add that the bethel family was sooooo generous that they even did his laundry and house cleaning for him which is also FREE!

    Before Georgetown was built, a brother who was at the bethel farm had told us that when the bethel was in Toronto, the zone overseer had told them to do something with the large amount of money that they were sitting on so they built Georgetown bethel. He said they had tons and tons of donations flowing in at that time. Then the bethel farm was also donated by Jack Perry who was the previous owner. The deal was he was to die there so the brothers looked after him until he had passed away. Approximately four hundred and ninety-five acres went for almost three million dollars. Not bad for back then. Years later they sold the farm to a guy who owns one of the home hardware stores in Toronto.

    I don't believe the bethelites donated ten thousand dollars but definitely their families who are not bethelites did or those who drop cheques off in the bethel's contribution boxes when they come to visit or go on tours.

    I don't ever recall Yeshua asking for money to build buildings either. Lurkers! WAKE UP!!!!!

  • label licker
    label licker
    Because I know your reading this, Watchtower, here's a great idea for your kool aid workers and their families. Send a letter out to all your "volunteer" employee's families stating if they donate large amounts ($) in care of their kids that are in bethel, you will give consideration to their labels. Watch and see their parents write cheques out in large sums of money with their kids names at the bottom of the cheques. Before you know it, they also will be head of toiletries department.
  • wifibandit
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  • freemindfade

    My experience with Witnesses far and wide is that they ARE some of the cheapest, stingiest people. Especially in America. Wether they are window washers or have money. They are not generous. In other countries they may be, but some other countries generosity is cultural as well.

    My wife is really beginning to see this too, how the majority of RF from young adult to middle aged are generally inhospitable, ungenerous, and ungrateful to those who actually are, in fact they may resent you! This has been my over all impression, and she is starting to see it.

    Maybe this is a deflection of Lett's part, to soften up his message a little and make it seem like they are asking for general openhandedness

  • floriferous

    How is God generous to us?

  • flipper
    What an ignorant illustration. That flaxseed in the hand illustration is very weak. They'll say anything to scrounge a buck or three out of JW's. Amazing
  • Hold Me-Thrill Me
    Hold Me-Thrill Me

    Something the current Governing Body will NEVER say:

    (Exodus 36:5-7) . . .: “The people are bringing much more than what the service needs for the work that Jehovah has commanded to be done.” 6 So Moses commanded that they should cause an announcement to pass through the camp, saying: “Men and women, do not produce any more stuff for the holy contribution.” With that the people were restrained from bringing it in. 7 And the stuff proved to be enough for all the work to be done, and more than enough."

    Their house has been abandoned to them. They have ripped off the publishers and dishonored God. And so they are left to grovel for pennies because too many of us are fed up with them!

    We are saying to the Governing Body, "No more stuff you workers of lawlessness!"


  • wifibandit

    Here is a link for those who don't want to visit borg sites (or give them clicks).

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