Question about dinosaurs, prehistoric creatures, and the eventual appearance of humans.

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  • pronomono

    DD, Very good explanation on where I've been thinking wrong for so long. So the fossil records???

    StAnn, As a "good JW" I came to the same conclusion about the Big Bang and evolution as you were taught. I've always thought that there was an explainable link between science and the Bible, even when the GB said no. I saw no reason why these couldn't be the tools Jehovah used in creation. Take evolution for instance. If evolution wasn't haphazard, if it was controlled by a higher-power, no longer is it natural-selection, but it is creation through evolution. I realize now that I have absolutely no proof of this but accept it as a real possibility because there is nothing to disprove it.

    ObjTruth, I can assure you my question is sincere. I'm a little goofy and that comes across in my posts sometimes. All posts will get an honest read. Behemoth is an excellent example of a creature that existed during man's lifetime. We have no proof as to what this really was. The GB says its a hippo, but the description does sound more like a diplodocus, but could easily have been an undiscovered-to-modern-man descendant of this dinosaur's family, or something entirely else. However, any mention of Behemoth goes hand-in-hand with Leviathan, which sounds much more different than the crocodile that the GB says it is. It evokes images of fear and trembling. If it was also a peaceful herbivore, there would be no reason to depict it as fearsome unless he's using his power to be master of his coconuts. Anyways, my OP is referring more to creation in the millions (billions) of years before human creation for which we have verifiable proof and fossil records, where many of those fossils give evidence that the creature was indeed a vicious hunter and killer. Granted, any rendition of a prehistoric creature is interpretation at best, but some very educated guesses can be made based off of fossil records.

  • Viviane

    To prove Genesis account is wrong, why go externally searching among the fossil record?

    1) People didn't start out trying to prove it wrong.

    2) External sources is how science works.

    All evidence just happened to prove it wrong.

  • Apognophos

    There is a good amount of information on this topic, found in the Bible, Apocryphal Writings, Ancient Jewish Writings and even in Mythological Fiction (Based on Ancient Holy Writings) that shows the reasons for Dinosaur & Animal Savagery as well as Human Savagery.

    My, you have a low threshold for credulity, don't you? You'll just take anything that comes along that purports to contain supernatural knowledge? Well, maybe I should inform you that my personal Biblical fan fiction fully explains the reason the dinosaurs died out, in my piece entitled, "God Killed the Dinosaurs Because They Wouldn't Stop Masturbating". It's not quite finished, though, because I can't figure out how T-rexes did it. Do you know of any "Ancient Jewish Writings" that might shed some light on this subject? I think I have the makings of the next Apocalypse of Adam here.

  • Vidiot

    Viviane - "People didn't start out trying to prove it wrong."

    Hell, sometimes they started out trying to prove it right.

  • objectivetruth

    Pronomono - I've wondered about Leviathan as well..

    Ive also wondered who or What Adam was scared of when he said, " I shall be a fugitive and a wanderer on the earth, and whoever finds me will kill me" Genesis 4:14

    There is plausible evidence of Evolution and I believe that there is Plausible evidence of Neanderthals (We humans are made in God's image, meaning we have Physical Traits as well as Spiritual). In my viewpoint, Lucifer was one of the most powerful beings to ever be created.. There are symbolic scriptures that refer to him as "The Most beautiful" and there are also scriptures that speak of him having great power and oversight assigned to him.

    Only the almighty can Create Life, so naturally if Lucifer desired to be a God himself, his primary desire would be to create Life. If God created animals like Behemoth to be Herbivores and Peaceful animals, but Lucifer learned the science of cross breeding and he practiced it on animals, they would become Nasty creatures, just like the Nephilim became nasty And Violent.

    Im sure that I sound crazy to most, but there is a lot of evidence of cross-breeding in Ancient Liteature, and it is my opinion that many of the Anomalies found in Animal Life exist because of 1,000's of years or Cross-Breeding and experimentation.

  • Viviane

    Im sure that I sound crazy to most, but there is a lot of evidence of cross-breeding in Ancient Liteature, and it is my opinion that many of the Anomalies found in Animal Life exist because of 1,000's of years or Cross-Breeding and experimentation.

    Just crazy? No.

  • Comatose

    With a name like objectivetruth, how can spill this garbage with a straight face? Demons and Nephilim cross bred animals???

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    I'm becoming increasingly convinced that religious belief kills brain cells....

  • Heartofaboy

    You do sound a little crazy ot.

    Sorry to say it.

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