Is their a new holocaust in the making ? Are jews being made the scapegoats again ?

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  • roberto avon
    roberto avon

    smiddy, you've got a point. The international press is trying to convince us about Palestines being victims.

    What victims? Launching rockets and protect their bases with children and woman?

    We should all listen to the son of Hamas leader and why he diesn't agree with his father. As far as Europe and all these

    moslems are concerned in my country ( Italy ) they don't build mosques, if they

    want a mosque they can go back to their own country. I see only one problem and that is

    Islam just like Wtbts but much bigger.

  • designs

    Dutch- Education is the enemy of all Fundamentalists, Muslim or Evangelical you name it. Civilized countries must press education, it is the only way to lift these people out of their fanaticism.

  • Ruby456


    Samuel Huntington would agree with your view in post 18399 but he would disagree with the view you express in post 18400 because his reasoning suggests that the world is headed for a clash of civilisations rather than the reasoning that given time and education world peace and co existence are possible. So on Huntington's thesis education and time are not the solutions but suggests that the reality we face is that of power moving away from the US and its allies towards other civilisations that take shape/are taking shape. I'm just offering this as a basis for discussion because if you see religion as the enemy then how do you reconcile your views with liberal mindedness. Perhaps you don't view religion as the enemy?

  • Seraphim23

    Tiktaalik, your right about your point that Islam is a religion! Racism is as you say about race not religion; however racism is really a sub category or a deeper malaise. This malaise is namely judging people by surface criteria, generalisations ect, as opposed to an individual’s heart and character.

    Religion is also deeper than simply a set of generalised supernatural beliefs. It is also about organisation of groups, power dynamics and cultural attributes and traditions. In many respects is it very similar to politics. Because geography affects both skin colour and cultural religious and political framing, it is true that sometimes the definitions of religion, race and culture have interconnected aspects. Hence the word Jew can mean a race or a religion, and sometimes both at the same time. Simple definitions are a hindrance to understanding in this controversial area, hence I appreciate your pointing out my partial error.

  • Healthworker

    Good point smiddy. Muslims come to Europe because of our secular and human societies. It's ironic that the exploit these values to spread ideas and customes that are inhuman and are reversing basic human rights especially for women and children.

    Politically corectness may lead to more suffering in the years to come and conflicts. Of course also increasing antisemmitism by the muslims.

  • Phizzy

    Are not Muslims commanded to kill Jews in the Koran ? I seem to remeber something along those lines.

  • WTWizard

    If they take an occupied land and barge in on people living there, destroying them for the heinous crime of not worshiping their god, destroy every culture they get their hands on, promote slavery, start two daughter religions that promote everything destructive to souls, bash homosexuality where it is natural but force it where it is not, bash women, and steal 35% or more of your income plus devalue the dollar along with stifling science, I don't care what it is called. They have started a war, and must be prepared to face the consequences.

  • Simon

    smiddy - your comments are very biased, disguised to appear "fair"

  • sir82

    Having a hard time following your idea here....

    You seem to imply that Muslim immigrants to European nations will start killing Jews there? and no one will do anything about it until it is "too late"?

    Still scratching my head on that....

  • factfinder

    roberto avon- you are correct-

    Hamas keeps firing rockets into Israel and sets up their bases in residential areas near schools, etc, using civilians as shields. Hamas does not care how many people in Gaza are killed.

    Israel needs to defend itself by destroying Hamas' base of operations. But the media plays into Hamas hands by criticizing Israel for attacking Hamas bases.

    Hamas intentionally puts their bases where civilians will be killed. It is not Israel's fault and I am 100% on Israel's side.

    I wish to clarify something said about race and religion.

    I am a Jew as are all of my blood relatives. We have all been born Jews. But that is not our "race"

    Our race is Caucasion. Being a Jew is not a race.

    Most Jews are Jewish but" Jewish" refers to following Judaism.

    Judaism is a religion and non-Jews can convert to Judaism which a small number do. Thus they are considered "Jewish" by practicing Judaism.

    Natural Jews are decended from the Israelites. But being a Jew is not a "race". It is a geneological lineage and heretage.

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