Life in the new system

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  • moley

    This always bothered me.

    So the dust finally settles and your glad your still alive, so the first thing you do is phone your family and friends to see if their ok. No signal. OK i'll drive to the Kingdom hell to find out what to do. Driving past all the dead bodies you realise your almost out of petrol, stop at the garage cannot get fuel as there is no power. OK I'll go home first to check on everything, pull into your drive to see the bodies of neighbours you have known for years lying in the street, young, old, babies just left to rot in the sun.

    I need a cup of tea (this is England) but wait no power, oh and theres no water coming out of the taps .Time to walk to the Kingdom hall, the elders will know wot do, In fact most of the elders died as they were leading secret lives, so now panic starts to set in, your worried for your family but have no means of contact, because you moved to where the need was great and your family are hundreds of miles away.

    You need food and drink so go and loot the local store with the rest of the survivors, only the frezers have stopped working so the food is defrosting and the fruit and veg will start to turn in a few days. So tinned food it is but how to get it home, no petrol. Youve finally managed to get as much food and water as you need to your home (youve not even thought of moving into the nice big house) and your into survival mode.

    The next day the smell from the bodies starts and its only gonna get worse. Your sat in your garden drinking a warm beer, surveying the death and all of a sudden you see a bright light in the distance and wonder is it a sign from god (in fact is a nuclear power station going into melt down and exploding.

    Fires have now started to take hold in your town, but theres no one to put them out. The stores that contain all the food and goods you would need to survive are burning. The fire then reaches a chemical factory at the edge of your town, theres a blinding flash and.................................

  • sir82

    JW response: "Oh Jehovah would never allow that to happen."

    For every real-life catastrophe you describe (and you're just exposing the tip of the iceberg) JWs would counter with "Jehovah will miraculously prevent that from happening".

    "Sounds like you're losing your faith, brother. Why don't you and I and Brother Pompous step into the Kingdom Hall library here, so we can get 2 witnesses to your apostasy, no wait, I mean, so we can give you needed spiritual counsel...."

  • Apognophos

    Oh ye of little faith :) God will make sure nothing bad happens. Perhaps Gabriel will take over running the local power plant until some JWs are ready to do the job. And the dead bodies will be dissolved by antimatter, per an old article in the literature

  • DesirousOfChange

    You're forgetting the most important part................JEHOVAH WILL PROVIDE.................

    There. That's done.


  • naazira

    I was really getting into this tell me moreee :-)

  • cantleave

    Do you really believe Jehovah would allow such a distopian outcome?

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    Sounds like an episode of the Walking Dead

  • KateWild

    Very good Moley, I enjoyed that. Kate xx

  • stuckinarut2

    Great creative writing!

    Except, everything you wrote is the truth of what would really happen!

    Witnesses have NO ANSWER to the realities of such things!

    I especially liked your line about all the elders having been destroyed as they were leading a double life!!!

    So, does that also apply to all from Bethel too?


  • jgnat

    How about all the locked-in house pets dead within the week? Outdoor dogs gone feral? Not to mention the dairy cattle in trouble within days.

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