BOE 2014-07-11 Use of ministerial servants where the number of elders is limited

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    Why the italian logo?

    The Watchtower is a branch of the Mafia.

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    Here is the problem. The legalism of the WTBTS discouraged all "normal" people from reaching out. Normal people have problems and bills and have to work. Normal people are not overly critical of others. Normal people go on vacations. Normal people have pets. Normal people tell funny jokes that use curse words. Normal people get pissed when they work at a shitty job and still cannot pay the bills. Normal people do not like idiots that have no life experience, or someone who has never had a job or never had a child telling them how to run their life. Normal people are more than just passively affected by the death of loved ones. Normal people don't want a group of CEO's telling them how to have sex in their own home. Normal people don't like to be told to blindly obey another person for no good reason.

    There is a whole generation of people NOT REACHING OUT. We have ZERO servants in the 30-45 year range. We Only have the sons of Eldubs or older (50+) serving as Ministerial Servants. WHY?!?!?! Why does the pool of eligible candidates start at 18-20 something and then disappear until 50+???? Why are many doing less while only pimply faced kids can run the sound system and mics??? The LEGALISM of the WTBTS has caused a shortage of qualified men. The irony is that the "one true religion" has to constantly beg and guilt men into reaching out. Why? Because the politics and legalism make it suck so bad that no one wants to do it. Those who come from "spiritual" families will do it, but do they really want to?? Or, are they afraid of how they will be perceived if they step down???

    The hypocritical legalism of the WTBTS is one of the main causes of discontent in " Jeeehober's" organization. Their own ineptitude and hubris are creating a shortage of qualified help. As a result, there are none left who are capable of reasoning. So, even if the WTBTS wanted to print magazines above a middle school level, they couldn't. Who would understand them? If they wanted to train JWs to actually talk and debate and preach and educate the public, they couldn't. They have literally bred that trait out of the rank and file. When the 50+ crowd dies off, the younger and dumber youth, who can only regurgitate what they see in a magazine, will be the best and brightest.


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    Lynnie, look at this picture of it.

  • joe134cd

    I think trying to find ministerial servants and elders are the least of their problems. If I was them I would be thankful if they could just retain their youth.

  • Quendi

    I'd like to add this comment to DATA-DOG's excellent rant. Long before this crisis in local congregation leadership arrived, I noticed a glaring deficiency in the arrangement. There are many men who are passed over due to the jealousy and envy of elders and circuit overseers. Men who had higher education, held responsible positions at work, had good rapport with youth and women, were frequently and blatantly ignored. All kinds of excuses were given as to why these men were unfit to serve, but none of them held water. It was the petty jealousy and downright hatred of these men on the part of the local elders which proved to be the biggest reason they were not recommended and appointed.

    There is also no effort made to recruit good candidates. The elders know damn well who the capable men in the congregation are. Many elders want to be entreated and begged to be allowed on the servant body. When that doesn't happen, they accuse those who refuse to do so of having a "bad attitude" or succumbing to pride. They say such men lack the spirit of voluntarism or they should be like Isaiah who said, "Here I am! Send me!" But if a man won't do this, or do some stupid task without grumbling about it, or point out there are other and better ways of doing things, then he will be passed over, more often than not.

    Not every body of elders is like this, but enough are to disqualify many good recruits. And don't even get me started on the refusal to consider any woman--no matter how intelligent, kind, good, or qualified--to serve the congregation in any capacity whatsoever. Small wonder that ministerial servants are filling the breaches, but that isn't slowing down the decline in the organization one bit.


  • hoser

    The problem with the office of elder or ministerial servant is that the rules are always changing. There is no consistency in the qualifications. The elders and CO keep moving the goalposts.

    Two examples that I am personally familiar with. One brother lived a couple of miles outside of the congregation territory but attended because he would have to travel 50 miles to go to the congregation that held the territory, and he was about 20 miles from the kingdom hall. He was appointed a ministerial servant and a couple of years later an elder. All went well for about 10 years and then a power tripping CO showed up and basically forced the brother to travel 50 miles to the congregation in the territory where he lived or get removed as an elder. Although he really resented this he ended up travelling and sold his house at a cheap price and had to buy a more expensive house in the other town. And he kept his elder title.

    The second one was similar but a bit different. The brother was appointed an elder while he was working a job that involved shift work. Along comes a new CO with an axe to grind with people that work for a living and he was given the ultimatum. Quit your job or lose your position as elder. This guy was a bit smarter and told the CO to shove it. He never showed at any of the meetings for the rest of the COs visit and was removed as an elder.

    I sometimes think that they appoint brothers just so they can F$%k with their lives and see how far they can push it.

    I forgot about one more elder. He was probably the smartest of the three when it came to dealing with a#$#ole circuit overseers. He had a signed letter of resignation that he had on hand and would make sure that the elder body and CO had a copy. He basically said that if for some reason he didnt qualify anymore all they had to do was fill in the date and he would be perfectly ok with it but wouldnt meet with them about it. The funny thing is that he never did get deleted.


  • sparrowdown

    Any decent blokes who put family first are already on the reject pile.

  • steve2

    Bullies provide superb opportunities for their adult victims to man up and say, "Thanks but No".

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    I have a question: why is it that ministerial servants have to meet qualifications the Monkey's Asses don't have to meet?:

    "In congregations that have very few elders [Monkey's Asses], capable ministerial servants who have demonstrated good judgment and discernment may accompany a member of the Congregation Service Committee when meeting with Bible students..."


    Death by slow attrition.

    I'm almost sympathetic....almost

    I almost believe you

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