BOE 2014-07-11 Use of ministerial servants where the number of elders is limited

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  • WTWizard

    My qualifications? I trust in silver ahead of joke-hova. I am in favor of worshiping the sun--unlike Jesus, the sun is real and is our life giver. This means having Christmas decorations in place is no big deal. I listen to whatever music I damn well feel like listening to, and believe that whatever you feel like listening to in the privacy of your own home or with headphones is your own damn business. I believe people should question dogma, and keep questioning it. I put Astaroth ahead of joke-hova. I am more worried about what Satan and Astaroth think than what joke-hova and jesus think on matters. I see nothing wrong with working for a living, and working a job you enjoy (in fact, I view working a job you enjoy as ideal). If people wish to use astrology and psychic meditations to improve themselves, they should be able to do so and even assisted if they need it.

    And, any hounder-hounders that have a problem with that should themselves be deleted. Even if their name happens to be Jehovah.

  • Vidiot

    WTS repeatedly shooting themselves in the foot notwithstanding... it just me, or is all this internal passive discontent we've been hearing about (unsigned blood cards, dwindling donations, a shortage of willing "qualified" brothers, etc.) making anyone else here feel like the Conscious Class is - little by little - helping bleed the WTS out from the inside (consciously or otherwise)?

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