Silence after stating my confusion about "144,000"

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  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious

    I don't think that's quite accurate per current JW doctrine. The particular cutoff in time no longer applies. The 144k are just "chosen" at some point in life. Proof of this would be the 49 something GB member

  • westiebilly11

    Impossible to reason with some jws.

    I have a feeling that even if god himself was to physically denounce the jws they'd just reply that God was an apostate and not yet come round to their doctrines...yet.

  • blondie

    Pretty close to Jesus and the Jewish religious leaders. Would rather kill them than lose their place with the Roman government.

  • jhine

    Magnum , absolutely right , the other word that causes the confusion is " hieron " . There is stuff online about this . The Watchtower say that the Great Crowd are in the outer courtyard part of the symbolic Temple which means that they are not in God's presence in heaven . This is shown to be false when you look at other passages which shed light on this . Go digging Magnum . I will try to find my research on this .


  • givemejustalittlemoretime

    Where were the Great Crowd in revelation, they were in heaven , they were all in the assembly of heaven in heaven

  • moomanchu

    Hi tidalblitz,

    Another thing that always got me about the whole 144k is they only get judged once.

    If they remain faithful till death they recieve their prestiges kingly and priestly reward.

    Where as the great crowd are judged twice to recieve their humble earthly servant reward.

    They are judged once by remaing faithful till death or by surviving armaggedon,

    and then a second time after the conclusion of the 1k year rule.

  • givemejustalittlemoretime

    The 144,000 suffered for being faithful we ahve the testimony of what happened to them in the scriptures old and new. The Great Tribulation was in the 1st century a one time event never to be seen again THe 1000 year rule is symbolic of eternity. As his Kingship is eternal

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  • punkofnice

    How is anyone supposed to work these things out if you can't express yourself?

    We're talking about a cult here. Critical thinking is banned. Expression is banned.

    Once you're out you realise there are no 'annointed(tm)'. It's just delusional people that want to be more important in life than they actually are. They want to be accepted and this is their attention seeking device.

    When I changed from the paedophile protecting JW corporation to the Baptist church I was taught that all that accept Jesus are annointed.

    Now I don't believe in god the whole thing looks rather delusional.

  • enigma1863

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