If You Can Get Out Of The Jehovah's Witness Religion---DO IT!

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  • SAHS

    My friend Charlie is always telling me, “You should just get out of that religion. Stop going to meetings. Your folks will understand.”

    Then I keep telling him that I can’t just do that right now because I’m currently living with my folks. (Long story.) I keep telling him that I have already left the religion in my heart and that I will also leave it physically AS SOON AS I’M ABLE TO; i.e., as soon as I can pay off my debts so I can get my own apartment and live independently again. But my friend Charlie, who was also in the JWs from birth to about 20 years of age (he is 47 years old now), keeps telling me that I should just quit the religion, even though I am still currently living under my parents’ roof.

    Charlie just doesn’t understand the dilemma which people in my situation face, with all their family members still in. It’s pretty frustrating trying to explain the concept of fading to someone who really should know better by now.

    Anyway, I just had to vent about that. Sorry for that little bit of a rant.

  • sparrowdown

    In the end I stopped because I just didn't want to go anymore.

    I thought "what am I-six?". No, I am a grown up and I don't have to go if I don't want to.

    Nobody has a gun to my head (not a real gun anyway, only an emotionally loaded gun)

    There are many things in life that we don't have a choice over, but seriously, meetings of JWs isn't one of them.


    Quitting the JWs is akin to children who are afraid to enter a darkened room. Once the lights are turned on they find there are no 'monsters'.....their fears were a figment of their Imaginations. Time to TURN THE LIGHTS ON and get out!!! Just stop attending!!!

  • Phizzy

    I think that staying in JW.Org is even more akin to the poor victims of Domestic Abuse who are afraid to leave, the same "where will we go ?" question is asked, the same "I am staying for the rest of the family....my sister....my brother......." And so the abuse goes on, nothing changes.

    Only a few manage to get their loved ones out by partially staying, but 99% of those are not living the full JW life, they are usually inactive as to F.S and are intermittent Meeting attenders.

    Those who know TTATT and yet "hide their light under a bushel", JW's on the surface, achieve nothing but an inner agony.

    I concur fully with the Thread Title, just DO IT !

  • EdenOne

    The only "reform" that this organization will ever have will be driven from the top hats - never will a member of the "rank & file", solo or in tandem with others, be of any consequence in producing a true reform. So, for anyone still "in" like me, my advice is: abandon all hope that you may have any impact whatsoever in the changing of course of the organizational chariot. Never will you be called by the GB to inquiry about your ideas. You're nothing but expandable sheep meat, a tiny number in an ocean of numbers. Shut up and listen or be crushed, tossed out and shunned. Period. At best, you may get some of your closest friends and family to awake to the TATT. That's realistically all you can do.

    It's way more effective what "apostates" and "closet apostates" do in forums and websites, exposing the WTS, its deviation from Christianity and its blatantly false and contrived doctrines, than any attempts to change coming from within. Look at what happened to Ray Franz, Edward Dunlap and others - and they were part of the "top hats".


  • minimus

    Eden, or you could simply get out.

  • bigmac

    actually--anyone can leave the cult---on a trial basis--what have they got to lose ?-----oh yeah--armageddon might occur while they are out--and your number's up. yeah--right.

    so--why not give it a try--see how you like your life without the cult chains around you.

    if you do get shunned--and you miss those "friends" or family---you can always go back---indeed some from this site have. dogs and vomit etc.

  • Fernando

    Dear minimus

    I think you may have missed Revelation 18:4 in the RNWT:

    "And I heard another voice out of heaven say: 'Get [reforming] her, my people, if YOU do want to share with her in her greatness, and if YOU want to receive part of her blessings.' "

  • EdenOne

    Eden, or you could simply get out.

    True, but for many heavy reasons, it's easier said than done.


  • shopaholic

    Leaving was the best thing I've done in my entire life. Was it painful? Yes. Was it lonely at first? Yes. Did the religion haunt me for a year or so? Yes.

    Now, I am so amazingly me and becoming more of who I was meant to be everyday.

    I understand why teens and early adults might feel beholden to the religion but very grown adults....Leave and GET YOUR LIFE!!!


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