If "The Feast" of the RC is so vitally important for every JW to consume.........

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  • OnTheWayOut

    My mom said she could get a code from the congregation for streaming video of the day she missed. I am not going to ask for the code.

    millie: I also heard that some K.H.s are going to arrange "viewings" at the Hall for those that missed.

    I can see that now. "You still need to wear your lapel badge and bring your cooler. A brother will be in the corridor with the "Please take your seats" cardboard sign.

  • millie210


    Do ya think there will be a stampede for seats? Guess not...

    What about lunch? Can a person bring a cooler? Maybe scarf a few chips during the program?

    Most important....can one bring the large coffee that they ordered at McDonalds that morning just so they could sip it all day?

    (that last one is a personal experience)

    ((heck, so is the one before that))

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