The Memorial- Passing the emblems, a prime display of weirdness

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  • Apognophos

    I just think the idea is to convey a certain dignity "on this solemn occasion". Imagine watching the speaker sidle over to the table and start helping himself. Probably that has happened at times, but it seems a bit sillier to me than being offered the emblems (at least, if he's going to partake). But I admit that the overall process is also silly for observers. This is an occasion that has become unintentionally weirder over time as the anointed have diminished, since the emblems are now usually left entirely untouched.

  • Magnum

    I don't have a problem with the servers' offering the emblems to the speaker. I just think it's weird that that some speakers feel they actually have to hold the cup & plate in hand even if they're not going to partake. I saw one speaker actually lean toward the cup and plate and make gestures with both hands as if he was going to take them, but then pause and go back to the podium.

    So, yeah, offer it to them, but let them just shake their heads and refuse if they're not going to partake.

  • Splash

    This past memorial I saw the attendants pass the emblems around the hall, then one approached the speaker for the following drama to unfold:

    1. Attendant passes bread to speaker (to serve the speaker)

    2. Speaker returns bread (after being served)

    3. Attendant passes bread back to speaker (so speaker can serve the attendant)

    4. Speaker passes bread to attendant (to serve attendant)

    5. Attendant returns bread (after being served)

    6. Speaker passes bread to attendant (so attendant can return it to the table)

    Repeat for wine.

    Now reread those dance steps and imagine it happening in just a few seconds!

    It looked mad. Absolutely mad.


  • Apognophos

    Haha, oh dear. I don't have a lot to say about the intelligence level there. The smoother way to offer it to everyone is to have the speaker take an emblem from an attendant, pass the emblem through the row of seated attendants, and then collect it himself from the other end and put it on the table on his way back to the lectern (the last attendant can also be the one to place the emblem back, but this is even simpler). It does entail leaving the stage for a few seconds, however, which is usually verboten.

    Speaking of crazy, what about speakers being afraid to leave the stage unoccupied and refusing to step off the platform until the exact moment the next speaker steps up? But I digress.

  • Darth Fader The Sequel
    Darth Fader The Sequel

    Splash- I am belly laughing so hard right now it hurts!!!!!! Absolutely mad.

    Apognophos- the refusal to leave the stage thing is another one that is pure hocus-pocus, INSANITY!!!!!! Great call back on that one.

  • Darth Fader The Sequel
    Darth Fader The Sequel

    OMG...... I cannot stop laughing, Splash!!!

  • Splash

    It was like watching the Chuckle Brothers (to you, to me)
    In fact this should be a new song in the Songbook, specifically for passing the emblems around to.

    If the sound guy had started playing The Macerena, it would have made the whole thing LESS mad!


  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    "Keep doing this in remembrance of me" how often? There is no indication. Is it daily, weekly, monthly, annually or just when the spirit takes you? Well the answer is exactly on the dot of sunset. Whatever you do don't do it early, lets squeeze three congs one by one into the same hall, solemly shuffling bodies in and out of the hall, cars in and out of the carpark all to repeat the charade again and again.

    Then comes, how many did you have? Oh we had ..... That is the real point of the whole thing. The lords evening snack.

  • Darth Fader The Sequel
    Darth Fader The Sequel

    Oh yes!!! The "official count"!!!! I saw some people this year anticipating reaching the stupendous 20 million mark worldwide with breathless enthusiasm. None of them ever stopping to consider that the vast, vast majority of people who only show up for the Memorial each year are NOT newly interested ones from the field service or invitation campaigns. No, the vast, vast majority that show up for their annual meeting are ex-JW's who are there to please their still-in families so they can continue to have family dinners that year and have their parents babysit the grandkids now and then without being treated as scum of the earth because "they didn't even go to the MEMORIAL!!!!!"

  • berrygerry

    2 Memorial memories

    Long time ago - anointed sister at the front of the hall. Has put 2 drums of lipstick on. Virtually the whole hall ends up passing this glass gobbed in lipstick. Hilarious.

    Splane munching crackers. Guy always creeped me out.

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