Praise For Witnesses On Welfare Who Full Time Pioneer!

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  • Dagney

    They follow their leaders who take a vow of poverty and ask the working faithful to fund what they themselves are not willing to work for.

  • DwainBowman

    I was in a cong, back in the late 80's, that had 80% pioneers. I moved there with 13 years of being an MS, and 5 years of pioneering under my belt. but I was told they could not use me in that cong, because i was not setting the right example and pioneering. I ask where that was written from the org. I quickly found out that almost everyone there was on welfair and reciving food stamps, and working part time enough to have some cash to pioneer with!!! I moved in 2 months!!! It took 4 more years for that mess to get fixed. Ppeople in the area still have a bad taste for jw's!!!


  • minimus

    So, if you wanna make it big in the Organization, you simply need to get government assistance and pioneer.

  • apostrate

    When my father died, my mother had been a JW for a little over ten years. My father was not a JW, he had been in the Air Force many years previous. My mother applied for a pension from the government due to my fathers military service. Then she found that she could actually receive more money because her previous husband had also been in the Air Force. (To clarify, her first husband was worth more money for some reason, she only collects one pension).

    She was near retirement age herself at this time. So, my mother, a devote JW, collects money each month from the miltary (aka, Satans Government). And let me tell you, Satans Government has been pretty generous to her. And in turn, Satans Government has been pretty good to the Kingdom Hall also.

    When her house, which was paid for, was in need of repairs, another Government Agency (also controlled by Satan) stepped in and built her a new house, AT NO CHARGE TO HER WHATSOEVER! Again, I think Satans Government has been very kind to my mother!

    By contrast, how generous has Jehovahs Kingdom been to my mother? Fact is, they have NEVER given my mother a single dime! But they have gladly accepted any and all monies that she has taken from Satan and then funneled to the WT organization.

    In summary, the same government that my mother publicly condemns, has been financially very, very good to her, nevertheless!

  • WTWizard

    Being on welfare is supposed to be for people that, despite reasonable efforts to find sufficient income, simply cannot (and "reasonable" does not include illegal activities or undue risk to health). But, simply dogging one's opportunity to find work and using welfare to pious-sneer is abusing the program. What if I were to decline to work so I could spend more time investing in silver (which, by the way, should take very little time since all you do is order when the price drops) and collect welfare? Or, if I spend time online hounding people to buy silver instead of working, and collect welfare to make room for more of that hounding?

    What these pious-sneers are effectively doing is even worse. They are hounding people, not into something potentially beneficial, but into something that is going to strip them of whatever benefit life would have given them. People are not interested in being scammed into a religion that doesn't even adhere to its own holy book, let alone whether that book is worth anything. And not only that, but they aren't even doing anything to improve their lots in life. If you read ahead the washtowel article to be studied at the end of the year, they tell people not to spend "large blocks of time" (whatever that means) thinking of money matters. They are not preparing to live independently of welfare, even if they reasonably could. Not to mention, they are told not to spend "large blocks of time" (whatever that means) thinking of investment, which could protect them when the dollar becomes toilet paper. Better to think ahead and be ready than to depend on welfare, which will itself be toilet paper at that time.

    And to what great lengths the jokehovian witlesses go through. Not only do they not work, but if they have spare change they donate it to the Worldwide Damnation Fund. Those on welfare that donate to the Worldwide Damnation Fund are putting MY tax dollars toward damnation of the whole human race! I can envision someone smart enough to save around 7 toilet papers, and head to a coin shop to buy a silver quarter while waiting for their suits to come from the cleaners or a partner to move through a banking (or welfare) line. Such news would get through the pious-sneers, who were hoping for treats at lunch. Let Brother Hounder find out about that silver quarter, and they might make that publisher donate an extra 7 toilet papers into the Worldwide Damnation Fund. As I see it, I would rather see my taxes being used to buy a few silver quarters than toward damnation. Better, let them loosen up on the rules to let people find decent work, and declare that making ends meet comes before pious-sneering. Additionally, welfare recipients should not be allowed to donate anything to the Worldwide Damnation Fund.

  • Bye bye birdie
    Bye bye birdie

    Our PO for years back was a Pioneer and on Disability....many asked how he could manage those functions and still qualify to not be fit for a real job.

    give me a break. Oh and and he was an arsehole too. Made everyone miserable .

  • smiddy

    Some , in the congrgations I attended had no problem taking govt. handouts after all they were part of satans system of things and stupid.

    They got paid by the govt. to pioneer

    I knew a few of them that felt this way.


  • sparrowdown

    Simple really, if you are too sick work you are too sick to pioneer.

    Iam sure that is the way the gov would view it.

  • Heartofaboy

    I remember the DO interviewing people on stage at an assembly that were pioneering whilst on benefits, the audience were laughing & applauding when the DO said that you could get the government to pay for you to pioneer.

  • dozy

    At one point we had so many in the congregation on welfare that the meeting for field service on a Tuesday ( the traditional day for people in the UK to "sign on" - ie turn up at an unemployment office and sign to indicate they are still unemployed ) was changed form 9:30am to 10:15am to accommodate them. Most of these people were perfectly able to work but were happy having their rent paid and getting welfare cheques every week. It meant they could pioneer or ( in most cases ) just have a pretty relaxed life auxiliary pioneering from time to time.

    It used to annoy me no end. My father , who always worked hard and was very irritated that these people were refusing to work and claiming welfare , yet still looked upon as good examples , wrote a letter once to the Bethel to complain but he got quite a blunt response telling him that the preaching work was the most important activity and whatever someones individual circumstances were weren't any of his business.

    I remember one pioneer couple in our congregation being interviewed at the DC talking about how they had " simplified their lives" to pioneer. In reality , they were just spongers off the state who just did occasional cash jobs. My wife said very loudly to me how ridiculous and hypocritical it was that they were up there , which was heard by quite a few around us!

    In Ireland there were a lot of JWs who live in Northern Ireland ( which is part of the UK and has more generous welfare ) but who go to congregations in the Republic.

    In more recent times , as the government has clamped down a bit on welfare , the trend is to work a token 16 hours or so a week ( window cleaning etc ) and just claim top-up benefits.

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