Praise For Witnesses On Welfare Who Full Time Pioneer!

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  • Frazzled UBM
    Frazzled UBM

    Parasites on worldly taxpayers (free labour paid for by the taxpayer) and then the WBTS doesn't pay any tax itself. Great scam! It has made them filthy rich property moguls.

  • Heartofaboy

    JW's claiming disability when being leading lights in the 'Lord's work' caused a big rift amongst the 'brotherhood' when I was still in.

    It was very satisfying when their 'worldly' neighbours dobbed them in & they had their benefits stopped...very satisfying.

    What a fine witness.......

  • minimus

    The Watchtower, by example, teaches us how to take advantage of the system.

  • quellycatface

    It is, in simple terms, FRAUD.

  • Scott77
    They follow their leaders who take a vow of poverty and ask the working faithful to fund what they themselves are not willing to work for.

    I really like that above. Dagney, many ways to go. All other posters on this thread provide insightful perspective. I never knew the full extent of Jehovah's Witnesses's dependency on welfare to finance their questionable preaching activities. I vividly recall reading 'Simplify one's life to preach more hours' as being a common phrase in many of the Watchtower's publications.


  • minimus

    make jehovah happy. Knock on doors and know that no one is home.

  • sowhatnow

    honestly, here in my area if someone is on welfare they have no money for gas to go in service so they then have to get a ride. thus burdening the owner of the car.

    then since they have no money, the car group here in this area always has t o stop at some resturaunt of gas station to have coffee or eat, after all 2 hours is just too long to go without drinking or eating huh? so then if you dont have money, you sit and either wait in the car alone, or watch people eat. [no one had ever bought me so much as a cup of coffee. yea ignorant.]

    i always thought, gee, if your a teacher of scripture, dont you have to be knowlegeable enough and have experience?

    who is going to study with a child, an elderly person with fading memory, and someone with mental disabilities? people are not going to agree to a bible study with people like that.


    why are they even going out in service to begin with? they 'hold back and burden' the ones who do have the knowlege and ability.

    yea, 300 pound people weighing down the car and breaking the springs. elderly people needing help getting in and out, poor ancient elderly senile people looking like homeless people goind to the doors yelling out a presentation, with vericose veins popping out of those bare legs with sandles on the ugliest feet ever, and rotting breath. because they need something to do after all. someones little kids taking a crying fit or getting crumbs all over the car, and always wanting to get out, and feeling like an idiot at the door with a child and two adults, well as if We arealy didnt feel like that.

    oh the freaking joy.... not!

    these are handicaps, stay home already.

    all i see are magazine pushers, and elderly and mentaly handicaped people getting some daily entertainment and attention. and in one case I know of, nothing more than a adult sitter!

  • minimus

    They go out in service to get some status.

  • LongHairGal


    I agree with many of the sentiments on here.


    I love your very honest post which describes to a "T" the sorts of people who are going door-to-door and inflicting themselves on other people in the congregation. You are absolutely correct that these people should stay home because they are, in fact, handicapped and have no business being a burden to anybody else.

    There was an elderly lady in the congregation (like what you described above) who needed assistance getting in and out of the car and going door-to-door. Nobody wanted to be with her. It was problematic for the congregation to see who they could get to pick her up, etc....Me and another sister made sure we stayed away from her.

    I think some of these old ladies left lots of money to the religion. Well, let the religion send a private car to pick them up.

    As a single woman who worked full-time and was on the fringes, let me tell you that I had to RUN from some of these types...I WASN'T THERE to be pestered and bothered and if anybody didn't like it, they could go to hell.

    It was problematic getting out in service and that was when I could. What do I see? Types like this that nobody else wanted in their car group. Well, I certainly wasn't getting stuck with them. I once resorted to going out alone. If somebody ever helped one of these people even ONCE, it became their "job" and then the rats in the congregation got an attitude when they could no longer do it.

    Luckily, I exited the religion when I did because NOW the congregations are filled with needy dysfunctional people and I am sure any single sister who is around is going to be targeted left and right for everything under the $$un.

  • respectful_observer

    It is, in simple terms, FRAUD.

    There was a young single "holier-than-thou" sister that was in my circle of associates back in the day who was always telling us all that there was no excuse to not pioneer. When I pressed her on why that was the case, she explained to the group that all you need to do is find a doctor (she offered hers up) who will assist you in qualifying for disability benefits from the government. I asked, "what if you're not actually disabled?" Her response was that "If Satan's system can provide means for you to pioneer, you should take it." My response to the group was "If someone is claiming disablility benefits who is not actually disabled, that's the definition of fraud-- which is a felony." Let's just say she was not my biggest fan after that.

    In seperate occassion (when I was unemployed for a short time) several people asked me: "Why aren't you pioneering right now? You're getting unemployment checks, which you can get for a year. You can be out in service every day!" My response was always the same: "Yes, I'm receiving unemployment benefits, but they're provided with the expectation that I'm looking for a new job during that time. So in reality, I still have a full time job-- it's called 'looking for a job.'"

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