convinced 95% of all active jw's don't have a clue as to where 1914 originates

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  • Theredeemer

    I have to remember that point about Jesus and creation gttm!

  • goingthruthemotions

    thanks everyone for the input:

    theredeemer: When I told her this, which by the way was in the middle of the speakers talk. She gave me a look like she woke for a second....hope was there. then she went back to sleep.

    Bottom line is...we have a great relationship. we never talk BORG stuff. we both has more friends that are not witnesses and our boys do too. Our younger soon said yesterday. My friends at the gym are better friends than the kids at the hall.

    I would definelty say we are more non witness, than witness in our actions. but she wants to tow the line. I will keep going as long as it makes her happy. but she definelty knows how i feel.

    I am addicted to this site BTW....good to see so many people wake up!


  • Phizzy

    The vast majority of [email protected] could not make even a half-arsed attempt at explaining the 1914 nonsense, you are right.

    It is a long time since even the WT made a real attempt, they just speak of it as a given.

    To be fair, just as the 1914 doctrine is foundational to the JW's, so is the Trinity to most other members of Christendom, yet who can explain that one ?

    The JW's have gone downhill a long way from the religion of my youth, in the 1950's when I grew up in it, nearly every JW could explain the various aspects of their faith, and many would go "toe to toe" with Ministers of religion in the DtoD work.

    Not now, from being a religion which prided itself on being able to prove its beliefs from the Bible, it has now become one of mere blind faith, blind faith in men at that.

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    One of my first big wake ups three years ago was regarding 1914. As a JW, we are taught that CT Russell 'discovered' this timeline and therefore proves he had god's exclusive direction. God revealed to him alone that 1914 was a "marked" date. What a shock to learn it was created by, not CT Russell, but JA Brown and promoted by the Adventists long before Russell ever heard of it! A further shock is that this is even acknowledged in the Proclaimers book, but I never cared enough to pay attention to it. I doubt very many JWs have actually even read the Proclaimers book, which incidentally, is one of the most revealing and self-damning publications WT has ever produced.

    My next thought was: If I didn't know this one important fact as a fourth generation JW (and BTW, I was a good JW- very studious, very "faithful" and I could explain the 607-1914 timeline backwards and forwards) what else didn't I know about my religion? This led to an avalanche of facts and evidence that obliterated my religion in the span of a few short weeks. The next big shock was that, not 1914, but 1799 was the beginning of the Last Days and 1874 was the year of Christ's invisible return. 1914 would usher in Armageddon, it was not the beginning of the last days as WT now teaches.

    In short, I realized I was lied to my entire life and my religion was a sham based on false prophecies and idiocy....

  • sir82

    the Proclaimers book, which incidentally, is one of the most revealing and self-damning publications WT has ever produced.

    Off-topic, but that is very likely why there as the new "God's Kingdom Rules" book introduced at the RCs this year. It is a new "JW history book" that glosses over or flat-out misrepresents JW history even more explicitly than the Proclaimers book.

  • goingthruthemotions

    I also mentioned to my wife that it was the 2nd day adventist that started all the hub bub about the end times. yet another deer in the head light look. I told she need to study these things to have a better understanding of her faith. or lack there of is what i was really thinking.

    She always like to say: Faith without works is dead and i then is the man who walks in the dark by a cliff.


  • Crazyguy

    Its also good to remember that Jesus coming invisible in 1914 was a cover up for the missed prediction of Armageddon and they copied how Barbour covered up his missed date of 1874 the exact same way.

  • BluesBrother

    I say that 100% of them do not know that it was all cribbed from the Adventists and 95% do not know that the actual prediction was for "the end" in 1914. Funnily enough, I used to wonder who it was that had made the "prophetic rule" that a day equalled a year. I know now.

    Their massaging of an embarrasing start to their organization reminds one of Winston Smith's job in "1984". He had to look back at old newspapers on record and change them to say what The State was now promoting as "truth"

  • neverendingjourney

    I say that 100% of them do not know that it was all cribbed from the Adventists and 95% do not know that the actual prediction was for "the end" in 1914.

    When I was a child, my Catholic aunt made me read some anti-Witness pamphlet written by her church. It talked about various end-of-the-world predictions Witnesses had made over the years. I don't reacall the exact nature of what was said, but I remember believing it was an obvious lie made up to make the Witnesses look bad. It never occurred to me that the Witnesses might have actually made such predictions. In fact, I'd been repeatedly told by the congregation that such things were lies.

    After all these years, I wish I could somehow get my hands on that pamphlet again. I have a feeling everything in there was actually true.

  • OneEyedJoe

    neverendingjourney - I had a somewhat similar experience. A householder gave me and a friend of mine a little tract (we were like 12 at the time so we didn't know better yet) and after service we reviewed it at his house. I think it was mostly about CTR, and I remember it said something about him selling his clothing business and making millions and starting the WT. We sat there together reading it and making fun of how obviously wrong it was on all counts. It's so weird how effectively the JWs are made to feel so superior to everyone else that any counter argument is either dismissed off hand as a lie, or deemed to be unworthy of their time to consider.

    Oh how I wish the internet had been around then...I just might've googled something out of curiosity and I could've been out decades ago.

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