angels and women

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  • Bart Belteshassur
    Bart Belteshassur

    jgnat - Hope your well, and I agree with you re the collection of books in the bible. There is an amount of cohesion within the OT due to the redaction of older texts post exile. The overall theme that runs throughout is the atemp to create a history and a feeling of total society in order that the Jews could regain some amount of self governance with out a monarchy at its head, and therefore survive the Babylonian, Persian, Greek, Selucid, and Roman ocupations of the old joint kingdom. It is however very Judean centred.

    AP - That tread and idea looks interesting I'll checkit out later. Thanks for stearing us in the right directions.


  • jgnat

    Apognophos, the puzzle I always stumped my hubby with was, who were the worthies Jesus was conversing with on the mountain (Mark 9)? Were they spirit beings or reconstituted in the flesh? Surely they weren't demons!

  • Apognophos

    Ah, I had to look up an explanation for that one. I took a quick gander at the Insight book, and it seems that the Society believes this was a vision. Their support for this is the parallel transfiguration account in Matt. 17 where Jesus says not to tell anyone of the "vision" (vs. 9) until he had been resurrected. For the Society, the point of the account was not that Jesus actually had a conversation with the famous Jewish worthies, but rather that it was a demonstration of Jesus' power and approval by God.

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