Did You Ever Get Screwed By A Jehovah's Witness?

by minimus 43 Replies latest jw friends

  • Finkelstein

    Yes some I remember were down right scoundrels.

    The righteous appeal dropped dramatically from in side the Kingdom Hall to outside.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    LOL minimus! i can only learn by hard knocks in the head! But i'm listening to wise ones here, now.


  • Ucantnome

    yes and no. depending on how you look at it. considering the end was so close.

  • 3rdgen

    Are you kidding me? It's inescapeble unless you are the screwor instead of the screwee. The worst I have witnessed happened to my own elderly mother. She was a born in and baptized in 1937 the year she also started reg and special pioneering. She was still pioneering when she met and married my father in1943. He inherited a large sum of money and continued to grow it until he died and left her a very wealthy woman. During the time he was alive they gave several hundred thousand $$ in gifts to the WBTS$. (of course, Knor and Jaracz loved him) After he died mom continued to donate outragous amounts of $$ while she lived in a tiny duplex. In her late 80's she could no longer live alone but to my surprise, she was BROKE and couldn't pay for a decent rest home. Her last donation to the WTBT$ had been a "conditional loan" of $20,000.00 Hubby wrote a total of 3 letters on her behalf reminding them of the family's generous outright contributions then asked only for that last loan to be repaid as she DESPERATELY needed the money and was suffering from dementia when she gave her last $$ to them. The letters were hand delivered to a member of the GB at the time as well as the service desk. Well you guessed it, they not only refused to pay her back the loan, they refused to say "no" in writing. After calling the service desk several times we got a verbal answer. It was "Get her on public assistance". That, from a filthy rich Borg which pays NO income taxes!!! Is it any wonder that the followers are no different than their leaders?

  • stuckinarut2

    Oh yesnode edges indeed!

    Many times

  • villagegirl

    There is some mechanism at work in their philosophy, I am

    trying to figure it out, this propensity to lie. If you question

    a JW about their beliefs, they will lie to you. Curious. They are

    able to do some sort of disconnect between who they think they

    are and the way they actually behave. Its almost like a split personality.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Not me personally but I knew of a doozy! I'll post it when I have more time. Oh I did have one, this demon of a sister I used to work for. More later.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    Yes, and I am still paying the price for it now!

  • hoser

    I looked after a cleaning job for a pioneer couple while they were away on holidays. I finally did get the money owed me but it was a hassle. They tried to get out of paying me by saying they were having a hard time making ends meet. Yah right, Then why did you go on a ten day vacation then if you are so broke? I got my money. They did this kind of thing to everyone in the congregation. They would go out for dinner and convieniently have both forgotten their wallets. They are professional moochers and have made it to the circuit overseer level in the Jehovah's Witness organization.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I was going to joke about my wife with a strap-on, but the tone of the thread is serious.

    No. I was never screwed by a JW. Just minorly early on when I was a subcontractor janitor/window washer/floor cleaner. Some "brothers" took their no-contract word and broke it. I learned not to do business with the likes of them and to have contracts with JW's.

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