Breaking News: Five White NYPD Officers neck choke an African American Guy for breaking up a fight

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  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    That was horrible.

    I can't believe I just watched a man having a normal day, trying to be good and polite and helpful.

    What is wrong with those Policemen?

    He was a tall, overweight, probably diabetic, with a possible heart condition, educated, talking Black Man. I don't know his name but I will honor him by giving a capital B for Black, because if he was white like me, they probably would have left him alone, and a capital M, for Man because he was a man, someone's son, possibly someone's husband and Daddy.

    Five (5) little guy policemen have nothing better to do then jump him?

    He was good, and obedient and told the police to leave him alone and not touch him. Can people touch you legally, if you say please don't?

    I watched him hold his pink palmed hand out, to show there was nothing in it.

    Probably in that first minute, with the policemen on him, he was dead.

    I am so sorry there are policemen like that in America.

    Please don't ask me what should happen to those policemen judicially but I think they deserve the electric chair.

    Those 5 little men should suffer and pay for their crime of wanton murder. They turned on him like a pack of hungry wolves.

    RIP dear fellow human being. Your life was snuffed out wrongly and much too soon.


  • problemaddict

    This is angering to watch. If the people around knew this man was killed, there would be riots in New York right now.

    The problem is police are not taught how to speak to people.

    They looked panicked that they are being recorded too.

  • jam

    People please, please follow orders especially if you are

    black and the size of that guy. No excuse on the part of

    those NYPD officers in the death of this guy, but all of that

    would have been avoided if he only complied. I have been

    stopped many times, one time as a suspect in a murder case.

    I drove the same car, similar tags. If I had jumped out

    of my car with a attitude I may not be here today. Four

    cop cars surrounded me with guns aimed at me, not

    until I stepped out they realized I was not the suspect.

    I was 50 the suspect in his twenties. This is a fact

    of life in the black community, Just comply.

    My son stopped by cops and ask how you able to afford this car,

    he was 27 years old and worked for Edison as a electrician.

    He gave the officer some lip for stopping him. He held my

    son up for 30 min. Made him walk the line ( this was in the afternoon),

    ran a check and etc....I know it's not right, but if my son had kept his

    mouth shut...

  • AnneB

    As I understand it, he "sold illegal cigarettes" and had been picked up for it at least 5 times. Cops are human. Worse, they believe in "upholding the law" the way JW's believe in upholding their Truth. When the cops saw him on the street and figured he was up to his old tricks, they snapped, and it was fatal for him.

    Was it "right"? No. Is it understandable? Yes. Some parents do the same thing; try to deal with the misbehaving kid all day then snap and over-punish. But is it really the cop's/parent's "fault"? What responsibility belongs with the guy/kid?

  • Finkelstein

    I would call that a reckless and irresponsible abuse of power.

    They or he could have just said sir please sit down so we can sort out what has happened here,

    taking a calming approach to the matter.

    The most disturbing part of this is that the man tried to get out that he couldn't breath, the

    officer should gave let go he was subdued anyways by the other officers.

    A prolonged choke hold can become deadly if the person has certain health conditions such as a

    weak heart or asthma ..... etc.

  • losingit


  • Mikado

    watching American cops is just terrifying. I often wonder if the average American ever realizes that the rest of us have very different experiences with cops....

  • villagegirl

    MURDER - He was not violent. He was verbally defending himself.

    He backed away. He was already having difficulty breathing which

    is a sign of cardiac failure. To take down a man of this size for no

    good reason and cause his death is manslaughter. He had no weapon.

    He could be reasoned with. He spoke respectfully.

    He acted to break up a fight, he was a good citizen.

    This cannot go on. The idiot who grabbed him around the throat

    was acting irrationally, that move is for subduing violent and dangerous

    people, he was neither, his biggest crime was the darkness of his skin.

    No-one started CPR or got him in a position to do CPR, what MORONS.

  • Focus


    I can't reach a definite verdict on this tragedy (as yet) as I don't know what happened before, and there's an editing cut part way through.

    But from the evidence I can see, it's a quite premature and unnecessary use of force by a bunch of cops on a person who is not wholly compliant, apparently frustrated by earlier interactions with cops - but is unthreatening, peaceable, reasonable and non-violent.

    It's fair to comment that they clearly did not expect this appalling result. But the man was so evidently unfit that it should have made them exercise restraint.

    The cop with the "99" top should be under arrest. He caught the victim unawares from the rear in a choke hold.

    Were these cops bullied at school? Maybe by black people?



    ("Black" Class)

  • jam

    I have friends that were Sheriff, Highway Patrol and

    LAPD. The one friend that worked in the LAPD, resigned. The

    reason, he could not deal with the way Hispanics and Blacks

    were treated by his fellow officers...He said many come into

    the force with this preconceived notions about young Blacks and Hispanics .

    The one friend that worked in the Sheriff Dept., all must

    serve in the prison system before assigned to the streets. You

    meet the worst people in prison, he said "it is so easy to take your

    experience from jail to the streets".... I agree, a lot of people skills

    are needed.

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