How to Wear a Pinkie Ring, by Stephen Lett, Governing Body Member

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  • Daniel1555

    I asked my mum (who saw that video at the convention today) what she thinks about Stephen Lett.

    She answered. "Oh yes, he makes gestures with all his face. He is such a passionate speaker. I would have loved to meet him and talk to him. He must be such a friendly and passionate person."

    I replied. "...and he loves big rings on little fingers."

  • fulano

    This is so kitsch, you only wear a pinky ring with a family' s coat of arms, otherwise in europe the older families would call you Lord Gladstone.

    That's the way:

  • fulano

    Family weapon I mean of course, and otherwise is maybe not the right word, what I mean this is "not done" . At least here he would be placed in the cathegory of second-hand cardealers, low rang maffioso, and parvenu's Without good taste.

  • fulano
  • andrekish

    Hi folks. If anyone gives a hoot this guy cheers me up. Every time he says the name 'Jehovah' he cheers me up. Every time he smiles he cheers me up. Look into his eyes and you can see he is a caring person. I cannot imagine a man of this calibre ever picking up a gun. If he goes beyond this earth then jolly good luck to him. When I first saw him I thought how kind so speak slowly and clearly so I could hear him and have time to consider his words.

    If ever you read this, Mr. Letts - thank you and well done. And if you ever do get beyond this earth to help us sort out all of this mess then do remember not to get big headed by what I'm saying, Bro, eh? I live in the middle of Brighton, England, where loads of people wear rings of their little fingers and they're not monsters so please don't let those moaning minnies put you out of stride but popping of at you - as if they'd got their own houses in order yet.

    And this might sound daft but just looking to the future here. If I am ever truly lucky enough to walk this planet forever, Mr. Letts, and let's suppose you get to live beyond this earth, can I apply for a useful job helping to clear up the mess once the smoke clears? The sort of job that allows me to properly do to others as I want them to do to me. Can't do it properly at the moment because we are all of us up to our earholes in rubbish of our own making. Put in a word for me, will you?

    There are loads of you folks out there who've gone and got the right needle with the organisation that is supposed to be looking after you. From what I've been reading over the years on this site I really do not blame any of you. You are quite often right, except for the rude bits 'coz they're just spouting off 'coz you are pissed off wiv' them back at HQ and what they've maybe convinced your families to do to you. If that's the case remind them of a message that's written to all of us below.

    I'm not an official Witness, they won't let me in 'coz they is a snobby bunch of buggers here in the south of England. So I suppose I'm undercover,eh? That's what my mate said recently when we was having a joint. I was baptised as a Mormon, oh fekk, oh fekk, and other oh fekk for good measure. They're a mad bunch of so and so's as well - and here I'm being polite. Perhaps they've had their brains embalmed a bit early in case there is ever a rush. When they got their heads together on official business behind the scenes their mad views and demands almost led to the suicide of a very good friend who is a lass who likes other lasses. It was my job to take the minutes at these meeting, so I'm well aware of what these silly buggers convince themselves is scriptural. I picked up a book of scripture and laid those idiots to rest in one swipe and sorted my friend's head out at the same time. The Mormon organisation has lost it's way but seems to have remembered compassion so very well done to them. I'm not a Mormon now though, they chucked me out, thank heavens, if only for their own sakes 'coz I can't take fools gladly, neither have I officially got involved with the local Witnesses organisation 'coz when men get together with a book of ethics/morals/politics/economics or whatever, it goes to their bleeding heads, the silly buggers. I've seen it time and time again. There seems to be a sort of collective over-ride at times when people get their heads together on official business. Their brains seem to go kapput and smoke comes out. Then they open their gobs and shite comes out. So, I cannot be officially thrown out of this organisation - which incidently does bloody good work at times - since I never officially joined. I daren't. I don't wish to embrace the kind of madness that demands other people do as I jolly well tell them, or else they ain't going to heaven type stuff. Where do these folk get off?

    I was baptised as per the words used by Mormons and Witnesses and I stick to that principle. I'm not out to convert anyone to anything 'coz I'm just one in 7 billion - dust in the end. I'm an amazing biological machine, however, with a message stuck in it. I've seen this message in all religions, all cultures and all peoples and this is the message of the Bible and is what Christ told us was rather important because it goes way beyond religion and how we have been mistreated by others in the past. It goes beyond the pain and suffering we all feel right now. It is this message that raises man from animal, from dirt to nobility.

    Whether anyone ever goes near any Witnesses again, outta disappointment with the people and their silly ways or outta contempt for them if that is what you have. This message must continue inside you if mankind is ever gonna improve.

    Do unto others as you would have them do to you. End of message.

  • Heaven

    andrekish...wth was that? 

    andrekish said: If I am ever truly lucky enough to walk this planet forever,

    Not to worry ... you won't be.

  • NoGoodDeed

    Has anyone heard rumors that Stephen Lett might get kicked off the Governing Body? When I was in Hungary last year several former of my (still) Jehovah's Witness friends told me that Lett had become an embarrassment to the other members of the Governing Body, but for appearances of unity they did not want to dump him. One current elder mentioned that rumors had been going around that a big announcement was going to be made about one of the gb members and Lett was the prime suspect. He was apparently a favorite with Jaracz when he was alive, but many of the Watchtower's big guns thought he was an idiot. They were hoping he would eventually fade into the background like Clayton Woodworth did in the 1930s when his writing became too wierd even for the Watchtower and Fred Franz (who was a nobody) took over the writing duties for J F Rutherford.

    At some point, guys like Woodworth, Franz, and Lett just get too wierd and have to be put out to pasture.

    Then yesterday several YouTube videos came out almost simultaneously showing Lett making the case that the Watchtower does everything they can to protect children from criminals and that anything said to the contrary are just "apostate lies."

    A few hours ago I got a note from a friend who asked if I had heard that Lett might be removed from the Governing Body because "he is just too weird and makes the other governing body members look like idiots when they are around him." When I was in Switzerland a month ago I did hear a rumor that either someone was about to be added to the Governing Body or someone was going to be replaced. Could this involve Stephen Lett in one way or another?

    I hope not as I like the fact that someone as weird as he is makes the Governing Body seem to be impossible as the representatives of Jehovah. YouTube's "Mr. Diety" would make a much better Governing Body member compared to Lett.

    Late this afternoon a friend sent me this link:

    It proposes that Lett may be on his way out of the Governing Body after his insane "we protect our children" video. It seems that Lett often goes off on tangents and does his own thing - and with no "chairman" or "president" of the Governing Body there is no one to reel him in when he goes on a crazy trip.

    Anyone else heard rumors or know if Lett has reached the end of his rope?


  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    No Good Deed - I wouldn't get your hopes up about Lett getting kicked off the Governing Body anytime soon. He'll need to string out a lot more rope before he can hang himself and embarrass the Governing Body beyond the point where they will continue to put up with him.

    Fred Franz was this same style of kook. The difference is that Franz wrote his own material, where (especially at conventions) Lett reads the same talk that any other speaker reads at other less important convention locations or in foreign languages.

    I have no idea who actually writes the scripts and talks for these streaming videos, convention talks, or other special presentations. I'm sure there is a staff of writers who do this kind of work and then prepare standard formats with notations for the speakers to use (emphasis, gestures, pauses). I know from several sources that lesser speakers must present talks exactly as written and there are script checkers listening and verifying that every word and notation in the script is presented as noted. Any deviation from a prepared script can result in loss of privileges and removal from future speakers lists. Whether this applies to Governing Body special scripts written by the GB members themselves - I don't know. Maybe someone can enlighten me.

    This practice has reportedly been extended down to the half-hour "public" talks (that term really does not apply any longer) given in Kingdom Halls. In the past, brothers would take the outline and add notes and their own emphasis to certain sequences, often adding scriptures or side remarks to flesh out the talk and make it less boring. I've heard that is not allowed any longer. While being on the public speakers list is quite an honor for elders and MSers, they can be pulled in a blink if they try to get creative in any noticeable way. This obviously does not apply to GB members and their towel boys.


  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    While we are on this subject...

    Has anyone been to a Kingdom Hall or convention when a speaker went rogue and went off the script? I have heard rumors that this has happened in the past, but have no idea exactly when, where or why. I have heard that the sound system mysteriously shut down in the middle of a talk at a District convention some years back when a COBE went way off script for a few minutes. Wasn't there (obviously), but would love to know if that ever really happened or if someone here has done that type of thing.

    If it did, and I had been there, I would have stood up and given him a standing ovation and a cheer.

    And then I would have been tossed out onto the parking lot and probably given a couple of kicks to the ribs.


  • 4thgen
    It's interesting that in this months broadcast, when he was asking for money, that the gold pinky ring suddenly disappeared.

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