Richard Dawkins defends “mild pedophilia,” says it does not cause “lasting harm”

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  • chrisuk

    Cofty said: "Its good to see you have toned down the hysteria and "everybody look at me" style that you had a few weeks ago.

    Perhaps you are learning or growing up. Let's hope it lasts."

    How very condescending. So because he/she has an "everybody look at me style" which you clearly don't like, that means he/she needs to alter their attitude to suit you? Just who do you think you are?

    "Perhaps you are learning or growing up. Let's hope it lasts"

    So, because he/she doesn't act exactly as you'd like them too, they need to grow up? So from that I take it you're faultless? You seem to upset a lot of people on the forum so perhaps you might need to ajust your own attitude? You think nothing of putting people down, but, as soon as somone does the same you shout for the teacher like a child.

    As I understand it you were a JW for a while, no doubt whilst you were, you assumed everyone else was wrong and you were right? Then you were a born again for 10 years, I assume you had the same attitude as you did whilst a JW. Now! You think you're right and everyone else is wrong again. You've already been wrong twice, I don't think anyone should take you seriously.

  • frankiespeakin

    Well I hope he gets the point but I feel it may take a little more hammering home your point before it finally sinks in, he's a rather hard case you know, all focused on personality issues and what not so much so that he focuses on this more than on finding other things about this issue(needs to strike a balance). And the fact that he was deeply hurt by some people's over reactive comments. Hopefully he will rise above such petty selfcentered arguements and offer something valuable which I feel he really has it in him once he sees.

  • Focus

    Don't worry, lads. I have cofty well in hand.

    Perhaps you felt I needed help - in which case, you know what you'll get (it begins with a "W"...).

    Now, to some it may appear I am a little rough with cofty at first, but I'd wager I'll make a half-decent Viprous Apostate out of him yet. He needs to learn to cultivate and channel the hate. He has knowledge and insight.

    Indeed, I detect definite progress on this (hate) front!

    Franly, cofty's only or at least main issue is an over-estimation of his own abilities. Not entirely bad provided it's only a veneer, and underneath he is cognisant of his own shortcomings.

    And, Brother Phookus (using the third person, again - quick, raca, reach for DSM-V, it's only just out, I say to my deranged stalker) may be as good an antidote for such mental disorders as can be.

    I don't over-estimate myself, though.

    I appreciate my strengths and my weaknesses, and I know best of all what I don't know well enough.

    And that's a Focus-original. At least, AFAIK - I summons my untruthful slave/stalker/follower/worshiper (not referring to cofty, obviously, he's none of those things) to Google for it and check, lol.

    Brother cofty, I have some exercises for you. As you love science, and I am science, we can explore biophysics together, but not in this thread.

    Now, I am @ 25 / 25, so the daily addenda to the Collected Wisdum of Prominent Bethelite is at a (hopefully temporary) close.



    ("Knowledge > Power" Class)

  • cofty

    So chrisuk can I take it that you have resorted to ad homenem because you now realise your thread title and OP were deliberately misleading?

    By the way I think you may have mistaken me for somebody who cares about your opinion of me. Silly mistake.

  • chrisuk

    No I've not resorted to ad homenem, unlike yourself. My thread title was copy and pasted straight from the article. Have you contacted them to show you disaproval of their headline for this story?

    Cofty I couldn't careless if you care about my opinion or not, everything I said is true. You resorted to ad homenem attacks against Focus, but you're to arrogant to see it. I don't think you respect anyone elses opinion, with you it's a case of you're right, the people who agree with you are right, and anyone who disagrees with you is wrong. You even feel that you're in a position to tell people that they're outlook is immature, again as you did with Focus.

    You also seem very manipulative in your attempts to turn people against VG. Clearly control issues. These are not insults by the way, I'm simply pointing out what I see.

  • cofty

    Contrast and compare...

    it's a case of you're right, the people who agree with you are right, and anyone who disagrees with you is wrong

    everything I said is true

    The irony!

    I could not care less if a thousand people scream that I am wrong about anything. But if just one person offers a single piece of compelling evidence to show a mistake I have made I will change my position in a heartbeat.

  • chrisuk

    Well all the best with it all. I'll leave this thread now, exchanging insults isn't helping anyone.

  • cofty

    Show me where I insulted you.

  • Earnest

    With close on 11,000 views I would rather hesitantly weigh in on Simon's comment:

    For anyone who believes that 'God' defines good or bad I give you this challenge:

    "If your god declared that pedophilia was OK or even mandatory ... then do you honestly believe that it would then be good and something to be celebrated?"

    If you answer yes then I suggest that you are nothing but a cult-indoctrinated sicko.

    If you answer no then I suggest that you are a fake adherant to a belief system you know is bogus.

    If you won't answer then at least you have the smarts to realize your beliefs and arguments make no sense and are an embarrassment.

    It does of course depend on your understanding of the word pedophilia which I would not apply to the impregnation of Mary. But taking your question at face value I would say that if my god declared pedophilia was OK or even mandatory he would no longer be god to me.

    You might say that is cherry-picking (to coin a phrase) as to what I believe and what I do not. And I would agree. But I know what I believe god to be and countenancing pedophilia is not one of his qualities.

  • cofty

    Hi Earnest - I just remembered I have a PM from you I have overlooked. My apologies, please check your inbox shortly.

    In regard to your answer, how do you determine which commands of god to comply with and which to disregard?

    Do you agree that Yahweh made many commands in the OT that you would find repulsive?

    Surely christians bring a set of ethical beliefs to the bible and filter what they read through that.

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