Am I a bad person for wishing this??

by quellycatface 26 Replies latest jw friends

  • peggy

    I had endometrial ablation and all my troubles were a thousand times worse! Do you have fibroids? I used a product called Fibrovan, it cut my pain from 3days in a row with hotpacks on my belly to 2 hrs of pain treatable with ibuprofen. Message me with any questions.

  • naazira

    It definitely will teach her humility. Experience is the best teacher. By the way you do not sound like a 12 years old! These feelings are normal and can occur in anyone. The nerve of people on here. Smh

  • ShirleyW

    Peggy - Those Fibrovan pills are still around? I was looking for a natural cure to fibroids I could find on the net and found that sight, I'll just say I'm glad they worked for you!

  • Mikado

    Don't stress! you've simply said how many people often feel. No one in life very quite knows what others are going though. People seem to feel that they can be as rude as they like on here, as it's somehow not real.... ignore it you don't deserve that reply.

  • rebel8

    jdubs have little sympathy for anyone or anything unless Mother Borg specifically directs them to. They have no natural kindness, only displaying kind-like behavior if programmed to do so.

    It sounds like her ignorant lifestyle that lacks normal knowlege and social skills is punishment enough.

  • jgnat

    Hey I will complain to anyone with the time and I ain't twelve either. I had a balloon ablation years ago which at least cut down on the bleeding. Hubby wasn't getting any sleep from my flashes so I did discuss options with my doctor. With the other meds I am on and a familial hatred for estrogen, we decided to go with Black Cohosh. I was warned it would provide small relief.

    The medical profession is concerned with more than life threatening conditions. There is also quality of life.

  • GrreatTeacher

    I was also told that Black Cohosh wouldn't do much, so I've yet to try it.

    What I do is sleep on a towel. When I sweat through that, I throw it off the

    bed and get another. Sometimes I go through 3 towels a night.

  • jgnat
  • finally awake
    finally awake

    I have not yet experienced hot flashes, but I have suffered regularly with cramps that were as bad as labor pains. I am approaching the age where my cycle is not predictable and I do not dare stray far from a bathroom during the worst days. Anyone who can't be sympathetic and acknowledge the misery women like me have endured for decades can kiss my big fat a$$.

  • ShirleyW

    I hear you Finally, but then on the other side I've heard many women say that they've had worst monthly cramps than the pain from their labor !!

    If only that pain could be transferred over to men !! I don't even have any kids but when the wife goes into labor all the guy does is just sit in a chair for the labor then put on an apron and go to the delivery room and watch !! Like I said I don't have any kids, but if only it was that easy for women !

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