Am I a bad person for wishing this??

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  • GrreatTeacher

    The thing is, my cycle is just as regular as ever, it's just the second half is hell. Night sweats, irritability, insomnia. Then my Aunt Flo comes to visit and all those symptoms go away, but the cramping and excessive bleeding start.

    I get about one good week out of the month. I'm 42 and people say this lasts another 10 years!

    Oh, and jgnat, for $55, I'll just sleep in the buff. ;)

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    A friend told me in high school that i should do exercise for menstrual cramps. Every month the entire school knew from my screams what was happening. I ended up abandoned in the school nurse's office. She would be annoyed if she could not find a parent to come get me. I would screech. Nausea and sweats would be replaced by vomiting and chills. After about six hours, it woud resolve. I wanted it to happen on a Friday so I could not go to KH. Our family doctor was a Catholic obstetrician. He blamed me for making him late. My life revolved around the pain. Doctors at the board of education said women must suffer. They said I would never marry or have children. My private doctor said there was no medicine that would help.

    During college orieMy mom let me borrow her car to drive up to Boston with some friends. They all lived in the ghetto and had no cars. I was the only driver. After about one hour into the trip, I felt dull pain in my back. I kept driving so I would not ruin my friend's good time. Anyway, I was so evil I had to learn. Well, at the NY border, I had to stop. There were no cell phones. I was wearing a racoon coat and the car had antiwar bumper stickers. The police said I had to confess before I could get help. My gf lost it. I was afraid they would shoot her. She was dramatic about how ill I was. They called for am ambulance. The er begged for permission to keep me. The county administrator wanted me shipped down to my home county. The paramedics were so nice. The doctors let them hear my screeches of pain. Next, since I was not married, my mom had to give permission for the doctors to do a pelvic. If my husband were fourteen, he could give permission. I later found out that I was in shock.

    I had a ruptured ovarian cyst. They removed almost one gallon of blood from me.

    The usual pattern happened at college orientation. Unlike Newark, the college people did not believe I was a lazy bum. After an exam, I was placed on birth control pills. Without ovulation, I had no pain. I felt n ormal cramps for the first time. Night and day difference. I danced a jig. My life was transformed. I was a peace nut. My feelings toward those who called me lazy and no good are scary. The md lied to me b/c he was Catholic. Well, I am not and he is not a priest but a doctor. Pain can ruin life for you. No one deserves it.

  • GrreatTeacher

    I've also had ruptured ovarian cysts. Been in bed for 3 days. They just let your body absorb the blood now. Very, very intensely painful.

    They treat it with metformin, a diabetes drug now. It seems it's an endocrine disorder that doesn't just stop at burst ovaries. It can cause pre diabetes and elevated blood lipids, as well as infertility. Those cysts are eggs that never release from the ovaries and form cysts. They are reconsidering the name polycystic ovarian syndrome because the effects are not just limited to ovarian cysts.

    Personally, they put me on metformin and I got pregnant the next month!

  • quellycatface

    I sometimes get severe ovarian pain. Is this another symptom of something??

    Thank you all so much for sharing your stories and encouraging comments.

    I'm not alone anymore.

  • GrreatTeacher

    Your ovarian pain could be any number of things. If it happens in the middle of the month, you could just be ovulating. If it happens during your period, it could just be cramping in the general area. But, if it happens when you are late or just before your period, it could be an ovarian cyst.

    They don't do a lot for ovarian cysts, other than giving you a diagnosis and possibly putting you on birth control pills to stop ovulation completely.

    If they diagnose you with polycystic ovarian syndrome, they might choose to treat you with metformin, a diabetes drug, but you must meet other criteria like impaired glucose metabolism, weight gain, higher than normal testosterone levels, and infertility. It's really an endocrine disorder. I was diagnosed by a reproductive endocrinologist when I had difficulty getting pregnant.

    Btw, I'm not giving medical advice. This was just my experience. There may be other causes of ovarian pain.

  • Old Goat
    Old Goat


    My wife suffered from menopause symptoms. We thought we'd both go crazy. My greatest sympathy came after a surgery when I suffered from hot flashes for several months. It gave me much greater sympathy for my wife and other women. I hope she suffers too. And yes, she is a cow.

    You have my fullest sympathy.

  • sarahsmile

    WT does not attract normal people! That is a good example how pathetic and petty the women are toward others! Many so called "sisters" are wanting bull shit attention,and will belittle anyone along the way to meet their emtional needs!

    Your probably not the only one who walked away from this ladies rudeness feeling like you just wanted to slap her down. Do not think too much about it but next time call her out by letting her know that her attitude is rude!

    I have been in several churches, and so far the most dysfuntional group toward fellow members are the JWs. Hands up!

    I can assume because:

    Other churches share so everyone knows what is going on with another member. Women are doing things together during the week so they are not emotionally starved for attention.

    I bet not one sister talked with you as to why this lady behaved this way?

    Jehovahs Witnesses are taught not to gossip. We were taught to PUT UP WITH ONE ANOTHER including behavior because everyone is imperfect and one does not know what the individual is going through in their personal life.

    Catch 22:

    If you asked another sister why sister was rude most likely you would get dinged for gossiping! Your hurt so someone hurts you more!

    Perhaps someone over heard the conversation she/he can not help you understand due to gossiping rule! Instead of helping they are worried about becoming "Marked" for for life as a trouble maker who gossips.


    I have not been in other churches who take helpful gossip as a sin!

    Healthy ladies would want to help you understand. Churches have womens groups so women can bond! Most ladies would want to help you through her rude behavior yet maintain a healthy friendship with Ms.Rude lady.

    Your Health Issues:

    Hopefully, your hot flashes might get easier mine did. I had two surgeries for endometriosis and they were like c sections.

    A little personal history: I grew up with doctors and elders stating that I would die during any operation! I survived the elders and petty sisters stigmas. Doctors were afraid to operate without blood. I heard lots of rude comments toward other ladies. I survived the elders manipulation and doctors fears!

    Bad person:

    Wishful thinking, God already did that one :-)

    Hope that helps!

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