Speculation: Female Ministerial Servants coming soon

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  • GrreatTeacher

    DATA, you are on a roll tonight!


    LONDO, you are sooo right. I know dudes that are attendants while flirting on the net, or actually engaging in cyber-sex. These dudes are "spiritual." I recently had an argument with the wife about this subject. A couple that we know are getting divorced. I said, " Very seldom is it all just one person's fault. ( Cause I know the wife...cukoo!!)". My wife says, " WELL, AT LEAST SHE IS TRYING TO SERVE JEHOVAH.", ( the get of jail free card).

    Instead of letting that slide, I mention another couple that got Divorced. The wife was being cheated on and the Elders made her life hell. The husband was never DF'd and painted her a crazy ( I know her, she's not), all the while he is cyber-sexing and running microphones, going in service, volunteering at DCs and what have you. I say, " Oh, trying to serve Jehovah...like 'ol what's his face?? Yeah, he's got the stats.." Needless to say, she had no comment.


  • SyntaxError1974

    My guess:

    1) ALL elders and MS MUST aux pioneer during campaigns.

    2) CO now has authority to delete elders that do not.

    Watch a couple get deleted for "not taking the lead", and next campaign 100% will pioneer!

    side note: I've heard that some have said in their cong a letter was read REQUIRING all servants to pioneer in august.

    I am a MS in my cong. A letter has not been read here yet. I am still mostly in, kinda observing changes from a distance. One thing I will not accept is a requirement to pioneer to keep my MS status. Not that I can't, I just don't agree on principle. I will step down first.

    So in preparation of the possible letter coming out, I just booked our family camp trip for August!

  • Pterist

    I frequent a local SDA church occasionally, and now and then they have a nice lady give the Saturday "public" talk when the pastor is absent.

    I believe the early Christian church just followed Roman culture and did not rock the boat with that protocol, I read some good books on Christianity adopting and adapting in different cultures, no reason in our culture to prohibit women in the church, she is already the boss at home LOL

  • villagegirl

    13 For it was Adam who was first created, and then Eve. 1 Tim 2:13

    Using this line of reasoning - The animals were created first, then Adam.

    Think about it - This makes Eve the pinnacle of creation, the final masterpiece,

    even able to reproduce without rib surgery, because she was created last

    and all others before her were inferior to her, including animals

    and Adam who is only a step above animals, (as any woman can tell you)

    This is why the serpent approached her and not Adam,

    as she was obviously in charge at the time.

    Adam even confirmed her authority by explaining he only ate of the fruit,

    as he was instructed to do. He had no authority.

    As further proof this is true, God cursed Adam by reversing his fortunes

    and cursed the bountiful ground to produce weeds and then reversed

    the position of his masterpiece, Eve and the curse was to from then

    on allow men to dominate her, (not a natural state),

    then God foretold it was a woman who would finally

    bring forth the seed to defeat Satan, showing her importance again.

  • Pterist

    Londo you have a PM

  • Comatose

    Villagegirl, I'm not religious, but that was an awesome post!

    I don't see it happening ever. But, I think it SHOULD happen.

  • losingit

    Villagegirl with the femnist interpretation of Genesis! I LOVE IT!

    Female MS's? Ummmm NO. The guys need to lord over someone , and the KH is the only place where that can happen regularly against a female.

  • villagegirl

    Comotose - I am not a "traditionalist" and you would be surpised

    how many see the ongoing unequal position of women in all churches

    as a moral and ethical "sin" and something that should have been

    corrected two thousand years ago. The Genesis "curse" is well known,

    but the Bible says the curse was nailed to the cross and there is nether

    male nor female in Christ. I don't mean this as a sermon, but to

    point out how far off all churches are and even Paul was bending to

    social norms, and there were women leaders in the early church

    and in the Hebrew scriptures. No Jew today is recognized as a Jew,

    unless his mother is a Jew. Israel itself, passes through the women.

    The Muslims have really done a job on oppressing women, and look

    at their societies. The male dominated WT Society is worse than

    the Catholic Church in the dismissal of women as second class citizens.

  • steve2

    This is dangerous stuff. Next thing they'll expect equality. Very dangerous


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