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  • Focus

    Nathan H. Knorr was the third President of the Watchtower Society. He was by mentality a Clerk, with a fondness for instructing young male Brooklyn Bethel inductees as to what was the "right handling" of their genitalia. It goes without saying he was a liar, a fraud, a hypocrite, a swindler, a conman and a thoroughly evil bastard, and let F.Franz perpetrate the Great 1975 Hoax to boost membership, murdering the hopes of millions of elderly victims while so doing.

    Joseph F. "Judge for 4 days" Rutherford was the second President of the Watchtower Society. He was a bombast, a bully, quite possibly clinically insane, a drunk, a thief, a pervert and all the things Knorr was too (except for being a clerk), and lived in absolute luxury.

    Hayden C. Covington was a lawyer for the Society, paid well to lie in Court on its behalf, which he did, leaving behind a trail of perjurious statements whose audacity is only equalled by their cunning deceit or absurdity.


    What has Knorr just said to the other two Spiritual-Pedophiles?



    ("Indecent" Class)

  • suavojr

    Anyone knows why Knorr was walking with a cane in this picture? Did he always used a cane to walk?

  • Focus

    suavojr, might we deduce from Knorr's fixation on the Knobs of young Bethelite boys that he was badly sexually screwed up, and furthermore was often insufficiently rigid to perform the unnatural function?

    If so, wouldn't that answer your question about his need to have a cane available for his use? Check my sig.

    Note that Covington wields a cane too...

    The Priapic Rutherford is sometimes pictured with a cane too, though perhaps not here (he either has the dark handle of a briefcase or a cane in his hand).

    He had no problem with erections - or if he did, it was more the matter of concealing them.



    ("Pre-dilation" Class)

  • Finkelstein

    The canes were used as a weapon to defend any attacker, there are other pictures of Rutherford being escorted by body guards with men carrying canes

    also security people used to stand at the entrances of assemblies to ward off potential trouble makers. (1930's -1940's)


    Well god's chosen ones will be persecuted didn't the bible say so.


    Rutherford must of thought of himself as something bigger than every day people with having body guards around in public, another thing

    to stroke his ego/self image.

  • EndofMysteries

    "The mansion you are building is actually for the princes who will be resurrected any day? haha that's a good one!"

  • Focus

    "The mansion you are building is actually for the princes who will be resurrected any day? haha that's a good one!"

    Excellent, EndofMysteries.

    Believe it or else, my thoughts were running on vaguely similar lines.

    Covington's grin in response would be because the idea about being a Caretaker for the Ancient Worthies was his. The bullying oaf Rutherford wasn't clever enough to come up with that brilliancy.

    btw, the huge limousine was for David.



    ("Beth Sarim" Class)

  • clarity

    Suav......those are not canes. They are wacking sticks!

    Those guys lined along the walk on the right have them &

    so do Knorr, Rutherford & Covington. Look closely at R's

    right hand.



    Now being the irreverent woman that I am, I would

    title this... "There is a sucker born every minute"


    "Hey this is fun ...I love this fu#$&%# job!"


    "Geez I just can't stop laughing ...bloody stupid people!"


    "God for sure picked us 'cause we are all hung like horses!"



  • Separation of Powers
    Separation of Powers

    Knorr and "right handling"? Give me a break. You can accuse him of a lot of stuff, but that is utter nonsense and makes the rest of your assertions lack credibility. Knorr was "the organizer." He challenged Rutherford on every front he was involved in. He clandestinely published a Bible with the Society's presses without the approval of Rutherford and this single step was what set his presidency in motion. As for letting Franz loose, let's just say that Knorr was no spiritual guru....Franz was the oracle and everyone from Russel to Jaracz knew it. He had free rein and nobody could stop him until he was found babbling to himself walking down the hallways in 25 with his pendleton like some old-school cholo.

    As for the cane and hat. It was the fashion at the time, Covington has one too. It was also a means for self-defense in lieu of a club like the attendants used at Cedar Point....Advertise, Advertise, Advertise!

    My caption,

    "I think I just saw David and Moses over by the food stands. You did say they were here, didn't you Judge?"

  • sir82

    Knorr: "You, sir, possess simply the finest spirtual mind the world has ever known. No one is even remotely your intellectual equal. On a completely unrelated note, have you determined who is to be your successor in the event of your untimely demise?"

  • punkofnice

    I would give you my Dorcas surprise (coz she just made us cum), but anything over 5 years of age is too old for me.

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